Sip the Versatile, Summery Deliciousness of JoieFarm’s ‘Rethink Pink’ 2017 Rosé

The GOODS from JoieFarm

Naramata, BC | We make rosé because we love drinking it.

The inspiration for our JoieFarm Re-Think Pink Rosé are the Pinot Noir and Gamay-based rosés of the Loire Valley, particularly those of Sancerre and Anjou. We appreciate the moderate alcohol and natural acidity that sets them apart from their southern Mediterranean counterparts.

Pinot Noir gives the Rosé strawberry and Montmorency cherry flavours and a lovely fresh body. Gamay contributes black cherry and spice and adds a little more texture and weight to the mid-palate. Learn more about Re-Think Pink Rosé straight from our owner and winemaker, Heidi Noble, in the handy video above.

We believe rosé to be the most versatile wine to pair with the food of the Pacific Northwest and a versatile friend to any summertime meal. Try Heidi’s super-easy-to-make recipe for Watermelon with Feta & Lime Honey Dressing to enjoy with your next bottle of JoieFarm Rosé!

The bright hue of our rosé anticipates the intense aromas of strawberry, raspberry, and dried sage. On the palate, the structure is medium- bodied with moderate alcohol, with natural mouth-watering acidity and a touch of tannin for structure. The intense nose carries through to the palate, where we find bright flavours of cherry, cranberry and citrus. The finish is long, clean, and dry.


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