Victoria’s Award-Winning Agrius & Fol Epis Looking To Staff Up


The GOODS from Agrius & Fol Epi

Victoria, BC | We are currently accepting applications for positions at Agrius Restaurant and Fol Epi. We are an award winning restaurant, bakery and pastry shop. We use organic, wild and fair trade ingredients. We cure our own charcuterie, milll our own flour, ferment our own pickles and much more. We are currently looking for all departments (pastry, savoury production, restaurant, delivery driver, as well retail and restaurant servers). Interested applicants should be prepared to work hard, keep things very clean, be respectful and nice to all colleagues and work with delicious, organic food to a very high standard. Please respond with a brief cover letter and resume to agrius [at]



732 Yates Street, Victoria, BC, V8W1L4
778.265.6312 | Email:
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Lunch: 11am to 2:30pm Monday to Friday
Dinner: 5:30 to 10pm – Wednesday to Saturday
Brunch: 10am to 2pm Saturday & Sunday


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  • Pannetone French Toast, mascarpone, rum & orange syrup Brunch at Agrius | Victoria
  • Charcuterie | Brunch at Agrius | Victoria
  • Croque Madame | Brunch at Agrius | Victoria
  • Preserves | Agrius | Victoria



Clif Leir – Owner
Sam Harris – Chef
Paul Van Trigt – Butcher / Charcutier
Ben Anderson – General Manager
Adam Bonneau – Bar Manager



We are a contemporary regional restaurant, inspired by French cuisine. We learn from, but are not confined to, traditional and classic methods, while always remaining progressive in our approach to handling ingredients and preparing food. Our menu is dictated by the seasonal availability and quality of the organic ingredients we use, so much like the seasons change, so does our food menu. We take the same approach with our drinks program, which is constantly changing to showcase local beers, wine and spirits, while also featuring interesting and unique international products.

Our space, much like many of our dishes, is meant to be shared, so please come and enjoy yourselves while our kitchen and front of house staff provides you with a fun and interesting dining experience.


“…every single bite was divine. From excellent beverages and service to all the locally sourced ingredients, in-house charcuterie and serious kitchen technique, Agrius is everything a great casual restaurant should be. And that is why it is receiving my very first four-star review.” – Alexandra Gill, The Globe And Mail

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