‘This Must Be The Place’ By Artist Sarah Judge, Hanging Now On Main St.

I have been seduced by collage. My surrender to this creative, crafty, and often witty art form began at a young age with brightly coloured construction paper and geometric Crayola scissors. Over the years it has evolved to include sources like National Geographic and the latest Vogue magazine. To put together a collage with a sense of sophistication instead of the aesthetic of a teenage mood board is no easy feat, but Sarah Judge (aka Design Judge) does just this. Her current exhibition – This Must be the Place – is up at Kafka’s just off Main and Broadway until February 29. Sarah says that she approaches collage like a puzzle in which you get to build the world that you want to see. Using her eclectic collection of vintage print media, each piece transports you to a different beautifully constructed alternative universe with great visual vibes — a far cry from the 1,000 piece 3D dolphin puzzle I have beneath my coffee table!


Artist: Sarah Judge | Gallery: Kafka’s Coffee & Tea until February 29
Piece: Hedges, 12” x 16” | Price: $85.00 framed


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