“Untitled (Ghost Tremors)” By Madeleine Campbell, Now At Gallery 295

Index has made a name for itself as Gallery 295’s annual emerging photographic artist exhibition. With an emphasis on highlighting what is trending and being explored in contemporary photography, and simultaneously providing a platform for younger artists to have their work recognized in a professional context, this exhibition is worth your eye. This year’s featured artists in the main space are Noah Spivak, Graeme Wahn, and Madeleine Campbell; with Vishal Marapon illuminating the light box, and Josh Hite taking over social media with #pigears.

Madeleine Campbell’s piece, Untitled (Ghost Tremors), is part of a larger series which was influenced by her time as an artist in residence in Tokyo this past winter. The term “Ghost Tremors” is translated from a Japanese expression wherein one feels an earthquake when it’s not actually happening; hauntingly beautiful, no? This photograph’s subtle, striking quality would make it a great addition to any white wall.

Artist: Madeleine Campbell
Piece: Untitled (Ghost Tremors), 24” x 36”, mounted chromogenic print in frame
Price: $750.00 | Gallery: Gallery 295 (now ­- July 4th)


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