“Pizzeria Barbarella” To Table Hybrid Of Neapolitan & NYC Pizza On The East Side

Terry Deane of Abbotsford’s revered Ah-Beetz pizzeria is headed to Vancouver to open a new joint dubbed Pizzeria Barbarella, so named to honour the memory of his mother (she passed away in November). It’s currently under construction at 1400 Victoria Dr., just across the street from Victoria Park at Kitchener. He had this to say in a recent email:

I am getting a high temp oven from Sweden that reaches over 900 degrees and the pizza will be a sort of NY/Naples hybrid. Simple menu with a couple of starters, couple of salads, couple of deserts and 6-8 pizzas(12″ in diameter). I will be making my own sausages and smoked pancetta with Sloping Hill farm pork and in general I will be focusing on local and seasonal. I have sourced an organic ’00’ flour which is very similar to the flour Chris Bianco uses at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. I am attaching a sample menu but keep in mind this is not final and the prices are just a guess.

View the menu here, but take note that it is only a first draft and everything is subject to change. The space – formerly “Gelato This! Gelato That!” – is about 1500 sqft with room for 40 seats. Bonus: it will be licensed for beer and wine. Opening day is slated for some time in March.

UPDATE (June 21): They’ve moved their planned location to East Broadway. Now opening mid-summer. Details.


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  1. amazing!! and so close to my place!

    i was wondering what the heck was going on with ‘gelato this, gelato that’… that was the craziest gelato/non-corner store ever, dusty cereal boxes and other “groceries” on almost-empty shelves (i guess the “this and that” in the title?), and a tiny gelato setup jammed into one corner… terrible design but nice people as i recall.

    can’t wait to try this new pizza spot!

  2. Any recent news on this place? It looks as if nothing is happening when you drive by. Thanks.

  3. Yes I have news: – Apizza Barbarella will be opening near the SW corner of Broadway and Fraser instead of the ‘Gelato This, Gelato That’ location on Victoria Dr. Should be any day now.

  4. It’s still a while away. The owner just contacted me, presumably after reading your comment. I’ll post something on it soon. Thanks, fmed.

  5. Any news on Pizzeria Barbarella? I continue to look for a store front on Fraser & Broadway , but have yet to see anything. Further, their is construction (rumored to be a pizza joint) in the old Dr. Vigari space on 1100 block of Victoria Drive. Is it possible that Pizzeria Barbarella is on location #3? I hope so!!!

  6. It’s 654 East Broadway just west of Fraser (as stated in the UPDATE link at the bottom of this article).