“Los Cuervos Taqueria y Cantina” Set To Open In The Fraserhood On Tuesday

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603 Kingsway, the address formerly occupied by Che Baba, is set to become Los Cuervos Taqueria y Cantina tomorrow (Tuesday). The new eatery comes to us from the same folks who gave us Les Faux Bourgeois down the same block five years ago, only this time restaurateurs Andreas Seppelt and Stephan Gagnon are joined in ownership by Les Faux’s longtime chef, the affable Gilles L’Heureux. Gilles lived in Mexico City and spent 7 years working in taco shacks and such, so he knows his stuff back to front. It has long been a dream of his to bring what he learned to Vancouver. His 30 seater (with 6 at the mosaic bar) will sport a big menu, which you can peruse in the shots below. It’s filled with tacos (think Cochinita Pibil, slow-roasted Cantinero pork, marinated beef, etc.) all made to order on a huge flat top, plus tostados, flautas, esoteric cocktails and Mexican beers. The hours will be Tuesday through Saturday from 4pm until midnight with a weekend brunch service coming down the road in a couple of months. The group also has the former yoga studio next door, which they plan on employing as a proper cantina once they unravel some sticky City permission puzzles. Los Cuervos looks like it’ll do well. It’s colourful, cheap, and cheerful, and even though Sal Y Limon – our go to taco joint in the Fraserhood – there’s always room for more. And dig the Bondo etching on the door! It’s a copy of an artwork depicting a greedy Agave plant who drinks so much of his own stuff that no one else gets any. What a glorious bastard. Check it out…

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There are 4 comments

  1. Guess Che Baba didn’t work out and seeing that Sal Y Limon is doing so well across the street, they are going to bring some competition.

  2. think sal y limon and this place can coexist. i like sal y limon for a quick meal, and 90% of the time I take it to go. Los Cuervos looks like a place a can sit, eat and have a beer when i have a little more time. looking forward to the opening.

  3. Had dinner there last night. Teeny tiny wait for a table. Great energy coming from the room.

    Had the quesadilla of the day with huitlacoche and mushrooms and it was delicious! Worth a permanent spot on the menu.

    Ceviche tostada was disappointing – shrimp ceviche was delicious on its own but couldn’t carry the rest of the dish. Needed more ceviche or a smaller tostada.

    One vegan option – Aguacate taco – avocado tempura taco. Yummy but I would ask for the pickled onion on it.

    The three different salsas provided on the table were fresh and tasty.

    Table next to us had the churros and they smelled delicious – mini donuts at the PNE. Couldn’t convince anyone to share with me so I had to pass but I was sad after.

    Definitely going back!

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