Advertising & Membership With SCOUT


Scout offers a broad selection of prime, over-sized, and totally clickable advertising spaces ranging from the surprisingly inexpensive to the very, very cheap. Priced per month at rates that are in lockstep with the financial realities of running small businesses, our ads are ideal marketing solutions for local businesses that are looking to put their brands and special events in front of thousands of web-savvy Vancouverites every day without paying the heavy premium of print. In line with the curated nature of Scout Magazine, our advertising spaces are available and catered to promote small, independent, local and like-minded businesses and organisations in BC.

Advertising spaces fill up fast – for prices and all advertising inquiries, please email Mitsumi Kawai at mitsumi [at] and she will get back to you with the available spots and corresponding (reasonable) price tags.  We ask advertisers for a minimum commitment of 3 months (we can be flexible in special circumstances) and we are happy to reserve spots for longer periods.

PAGE ONE SQUARE ADS | There are seven square spaces (300px x 300px) on the home page along the right-hand sidebar. These are in high demand and are most often purchased for 6 – 12 month runs. The rate on renewal is also high. Get your name on a wait list by emailing

PAGE ONE (VERTICAL) RECTANGLE ADS | There are nine vertical rectangle ad spaces (300px x 700px) below the Page One Square Ads. Large and long, these spots are perfect for larger images and are special because they appear on every single page of the website. We like to call these the ‘Everywhere Ads’ because they are, literally,everywhere.

PAGE ONE (HORIZONTAL) RECTANGLE ADS | Also on the home page are four horizontally oriented ad spots (590px x 300px) that sit within the content stream between posts. Because of their front page placement, these beauties don’t see a high turnover in their occupancy. If one is available, we suggest you snag it while you can.

SECTION SIDEBAR ADS |  These ads appear in the sidebars of individual posts off the front page and inside the Gluttony, Vanity, Culture, and Intelligence sections. There are seven square spaces (300px x 300px) in all.

STAND ALONE EVERYWHERE ADS | Lastly, there is one Stand Alone Everywhere Ad that appears big and bright at the bottom of every individual post (590px x 300 px) just above the comment box. It’s the only one of its kind.

EVENT PROMOTIONS |  Need to put the word out about your big night? If the event fits with Scout, this option – clearly marked as advertorial – gets pride of place in our feature carousel and includes your supplied details, text/photography (edited where necessary) and links to ticket sales, company website, et cetera. Past clients for event promotions have included: Whistler’s Food and Wine Festival “Cornucopia”, “Brewery & the Beast”, Dine Out Vancouver, Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival, BC Hydro Candlelight Dinner, IDSwest.  Currently accepting weekly bookings. Send event promotion details to

Membership in GOODS

This is the curated list of local businesses promoted on Scout. We build a complete public profile for every GOODS member give them the opportunity to publish newsworthy press releases and job postings on our front page (not newsletters). These are subsequently tweeted to our many thousands of followers. You provide us with plain text and images, and we do the formatting, polishing and publishing. We offer three different levels of memberships, depending on how active you’d like to be as a GOODS member.

Membership in GOODS is intended to be an economical and smart way for local small businesses to promote all the awesome things that they’re up to, as well as a great way to find new team members. If you’re interested in becoming a member, contact Mitsumi Kawai via email at

NOTE: The purchase of advertising or a GOODS membership does not buy editorial. Nothing buys editorial.