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Twelve Years Ago Today, Taking Truly Terrible Photos Inside Bin 941 Tapas Parlour

For this week’s edition of #ThrowbackThursday we go back a dozen years into our photo archives to find a folder of shots so bad we wouldn’t share them if they didn’t depict what was once one of Vancouver’s most important restaurants…

As noted in our Restaurant Graveyard, Bin 941 at 941 Davie Street was a “massively game-changing, trailblazing, award-winning restaurant conceived and originally cheffed by Gord Martin, who helped to pioneer the small plates craze — an entertaining, often wild gathering place for afterwork oenophiles and industry types.” These noisy images were taken in 2009, the restaurant’s 11th year, arguably towards the very end of its long heyday (though it would continue to operate until 2018). Note with forgiveness that the photos are terrible because a). I’m not a good photographer, and b.) Scout was only a year old at the time and we had yet to purchase a proper camera that could operate in low light.

  • Bin 941
  • Bin 941
  • Bin 941
  • Bin 941
  • Bin 941
  • Bin 941
  • Server at Bin 941
  • Bin 941
  • Bin 941
  • Leg of lamb at Bin 941
  • Bowling moules at Bin 941
  • Moules at Bin 941
  • Mountain of frites at Bin 941
  • crispy curried cauliflower with watermelon raita and watercress
  • Bin 941
  • grilled beef short ribs marinaded in soy and mustard and dotted with little coconut pearls
  • hullo friend
  • What am I drinking again?
  • Bin 941
  • Bin 941
  • Bin 941

Bin 941 Tapas Parlour
Neighbourhood: West End
941 Davie St.

There are 3 comments

  1. I used to know Gord really well. My 80’s band was looking for a singer. When Gord auditioned, he walked in head to toe full Goth. We were impressed. After recording an EP, he wasn’t so impressed any more, fired me from my own band, then had the gall to audition my replacement in my rehearsal space. I got over it and spent a number of nights in the bins. He was a good front man, but a better chef. I heard he lives in Cuba now.

  2. That place was legendary, was really everything of the romantic idea of a small cool restaurant.

  3. I was never one for line-ups… but this place was always worth the wait. I still remember that Flank Steak. It haunts my dreams.

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