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New ‘Aburi Market’ Opening in West Vancouver on June 1st

The Goods from Aburi Restaurants Canada (Miku, Minami, Gyoza Bar)

Vancouver, BC | A brand new grocery concept is coming to Ambleside next month. ABURI Restaurants Canada, the team behind award-winning restaurants Miku and Minami, are officially launching its highly-anticipated ABURI Market on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Located at 1350 Marine Drive, the premium Japanese Washoku concept aims to take customers on a journey around Japan through specialty food counters, ready-to-eat seafood, tableware, and exclusive imported goods from Japan.

The 4,000-plus square foot space features high ceilings, educational how-to videos, and several “stations” to explore, including fresh sushi, made-to-order bowls, sliced-to-order Iwate A5 wagyu, and desserts. ABURI Market also has a section for grab-n-go items, frozen meal kits, imported Japanese sauces, snacks and candies, similar to its popular ABURI To-Go locations.

“In 2008, I opened Miku in Vancouver, after falling in love with the city, and introducing Canada to Aburi Oshi Sushi and our contemporary Japanese cuisine,” says Seigo Nakamura, Founder and CEO of ABURI Restaurants Canada. “And now, I am excited to launch our first premium Japanese Washoku concept, ABURI Market, where people can experience authentic Japanese food and goods in a new way at home, on the beach, patio or with friends.”

Customers will also have the ability to order for same-day delivery and pick-up via Local Express and UberEats. Orders can be placed directly on ABURI Market’s website at www.aburimarket.com.

ABURI Market highlights include:

Iwate Prefecture Delicacies
The Iwate Prefecture in Japan is known to produce some of the world’s most exquisite produce, protein, and ingredients. At ABURI Market, customers can find an exclusive line of items, which includes its award-winning A5 wagyu, rice, in-season fruits, and more.

Shojin, vegan cuisine in Japanese, is popular for its use of beans and vegetables to resemble the appearance and flavour of meat in dishes. Featuring an abundance of healthy, plant-based Japanese meal options that everyone can enjoy, items include sushi, salads, ramen, bentos, and more.

At ABURI Market, consumers will be able to find not only local seafood options, but also high restaurant quality fish directly from Japan. This is all made possible with ‘Hyoketsu’, a special technology where seafood is immediately frozen fresh at fishing ports in Japan.

Sushi and Bentos
Created by Miku and Minami’s chefs team, ABURI Market offers a wide range of fresh, ready-to-eat sushi and bento box selections, including sushi trays, appetizers, Aburi Oshi Sushi, creative inari, and bowls, such as chirashi.

Home Goods and Wearables
Exclusively commissioned for ABURI Market, renowned Kyoto-based artist and visionary Hideki Kimura has created a selection of home goods and wearables, including t-shirts, shopping bags, and tech accessories, all based on his dynamic and colourful style of art.

Arita-Yaki Plateware
Imported directly from Japan, Arita-Yaki plateware are handmade and embodies culinary artistry and history, created specifically for chefs to display their gastronomic talents and engage with diner’s five sense.

“The pandemic was a turning point for us, paving the way for new ideas in hospitality,” adds Noraki Okubo, COO of ABURI Restaurants Canada. “With ABURI Market, our goal is to expand our company beyond restaurants, educate consumers on the values of ‘washoku’ within japanese culture, and show shoppers how to use, enjoy, and incorporate our products into their everyday lives.”

ABURI Market officially opens on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 11 a.m. On its grand opening day, the first 25 customers will receive an ABURI Market canvas tote bag, while the next 50 customers afterward will receive two vouchers, one for a complimentary onigiri and another for $10 off their first purchase. At launch, ABURI Market will be open Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information, please visit www.aburimarket.com.

Aburi Market
Neighbourhood: West Vancouver
1350 Marine Dr.
(Opening soon)

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