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Legends Haul Announces Special ‘Dinner With Friends’ This October

The Goods from Legends Haul

Vancouver, BC | Until October 10, Metro Vancouver’s one-of-a-kind home grocery delivery service Legends Haul is shining a spotlight on some of our province and country’s most talented makers, producers, and chefs with the launch of its online Dinner with Friends of Legends category.

“At Legends Haul, we are proud to have a diverse group of brands, restaurants, and local producers work with us, and it’s exciting that they have all come together to produce an unforgettable meal to make gathering this year extra special.” says Craig Sheridan, CEO at Legends Haul. “This year, we reached out to our local community and came together to create a meal that features dishes from 7 different restaurants and producers around the city.”

Dinner with Friends is an inclusive local dining experience with the intention of gathering with the ones who mean the most to you. Items can be purchased separately or all together. The meal features dishes from:

Dinner with Friends – Turkey Dinner + all the fixings

Livia – Potato Bun Sausage Stuffing
Kula Kitchen – Candied Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar and Pecan Crumble
Cadeaux Bakery – Cheese and Chive Biscuits
Published – Hasselback Potatoes with Smoked Crème Fraîche
The Acorn – Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Hazelnuts and Sage
Kissa Tanto – Pickled Beets
Essentials by Legends – Roasted Baby Carrots with Thyme, Maple and Star Anise
Elbo Patties – Jerk Chicken Skewers with Mango Scotch Bonnet Pepper Chutney
Biota Fermentation – Citrus Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce
Essentials by Legends – Gravy

“G A T H E R—the dictionary defines gather as a way to come together, but the pandemic hasn’t made that easy,” says Kayla MacInnis, Cree-Métis food stylist and managing editor at SAD Mag. “The one thing about human beings is that we are resilient, and the community will always find a way. Whether through Zoom Calls, social distancing, or having your groceries delivered, we’ve made it work, and we will continue to find a way to make it work.”

So this October, come together, give thanks, and truly cherish those special moments with the ones you love. Take a seat at our table of Legends.

Legends Haul’s Dinner with Friends category officially launched on September 13 and runs until October 10. Legends Haul currently offers free delivery in regions across Metro Vancouver on orders over $100. Orders placed by 11:59 p.m. the day before, in certain areas, can be delivered the next day. Deliveries can also be scheduled ahead of time.

To learn more about Legends Haul and to order, please visit www.legendshaul.com.

Legends Haul
130 Glacier St. #1, Coquitlam

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