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Lager Fest Returns to Luppolo Brewing Company This Weekend!

The Autumn Equinox is happening just before the stroke of midnight this Friday (September 22nd at 11:50pm, to be precise). One way to ring in the new season: getting festive and knocking back pints of good beer with good people at Luppolo Brewing Company for their third ‘Lager Fest’ this weekend, September 23rd and 24th.

Lager Fest will feature a solid line-up of lagers, including both new and tried-and-true brews from Luppolo themselves, as well as a couple of special collabs with Calgary’s The Establishment Brewing Co. and the Farmhouse Fest folks. Also just for the occasion, Luppolo has called up a small group of their best brewery friends from around the city and below the border to take over their guest taps – think the likes of Brassneck, Dageraad, KPU Brew, Barnside Brewing, Slow Hand, Weathered, and Fair Isle Brewing (Seattle). And in typical Luppolo style, lager drinkers seeking a more authentic and/or different sensory experience than your standard pour (why not?) can also choose from three traditional pouring alternatives: Slow Pour, Side Pull Pour, and Mlíko Pour.

To be clear, we aren’t by any means implying that ‘easy-to-drink’ is interchangeable with ‘easy-to-brew’ – as any seasoned craft beer drinker or brewer will attest, the simplest styles are often the most difficult to master. Don’t take our word for it, though! Head down to the Strathcona brewery beginning at noon on both Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 23rd and 24th) to taste it for yourselves! Besides beer, expect pizza aplenty served up by Mordimi Bite of Italy, plus local DJs dishing out the tunes for added flavour…

Lager Fest is open to all and free to attend, which means no reservations or tickets are required. Keep tabs on Luppolo’s Instagram feed (@luppolo_brewing) for more details including what exactly will be pouring. Cheers!

Luppolo Brewing Company
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
1123 Venables St.

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