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The Top 10 Pizzerias In Vancouver #10: The Wood-Burning “Bibo” On West 4th


To be honest, we weren’t huge fans of The Bibo when it launched in 2011. The needless braggadocio from the owners (boasting of their “most expensive and distinguished tomatoes” and other “extremely prestigious” ingredients) killed our appetites with unforced hilarity at first. But heritage hubris aside, there’s no denying the fact that they do make some fine wood-fired pizzas – 24 options in all; good enough for them to crack this list at #10.

In addition to the pizzas, they plate some quality pastas, too, like proper, slightly tongue tingling Penne Arrabbiata and a reasonable facsimile of Spaghetti Carbonara (never enough black pepper). Expect Italian wines by the glass and a beer list offering vernacular standards such as Menebrea and Peroni.

The service, sadly, is only ever truly consistent in its frustrating inconsistency. The decor is like the interior of an early 1990’s Lamborghini, which is to say humorously garish, and not at all the best thing about the complete package.

The most delicious thing on offer is their “Marco” pizza with pecorino cheese and ample sausage ($18).

1835 West 4th Avenue | Vancouver, BC | 604-568-6177 | www.thebibo.com


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  1. I have to disagree with your comment on the decor, from the picture that you posted it’s very clear that you haven’t visited the place for over a year,!

  2. Hi Maria. The last time I visited Bibo was in October. I don’t always travel/dine with a camera around my neck. ;-).

  3. While I appreciate the spirit of your criticisms, I’ll keep my own counsel when it comes to editorial/art decisions, thank you very much. Not even a deluge of exclamation points will convince me to do otherwise.

    For whatever it might be worth to you, I didn’t like the old decor and I don’t fancy the new decor. I chose this particular photo of Bibo because I thought it captured the comically haughty attitude of the place as it was then and as it remains now. I particularly love the look in that woman’s eyes (on the right lower side of frame). She looks terrified, jealous, angry, suspicious, insecure and confused. It’s a very emotional face, and I thought it personified the spirit of the restaurant. Good pizza, though. Remember, we’re talking about pizza. Just pizza.

  4. Than you should had posted a picture of their pizza not the terrified , jealous, angry, suspicios, insecure, confused women.
    Like you said…. We’re talking about pizza,
    And I love their pizza!!!

  5. Yes, well, as I mentioned, I like this particular photo. Thanks for reading.

  6. Hey Maria. I just checked, and out of the 1,400+ people who have voted in Scout’s poll so far, only 3 have voted for Bibo. One of them was probably you. I don’t even know why it’s on this list in the first place! It’s the only place that shouldn’t be.

  7. I have to agree with you, I don’t understand why it made the list…
    Probably because beside the decor the pizza is what pizza should be???

  8. Yeah, that’s probably it. I mean 3 people out of 1400+ couldn’t be wrong, right? You are starting to sound like you might be one of the owners, hiding behind a fake name.

  9. Well… I can reassure that I’m not one of the owners:)
    For whatever it’s worth to you,
    I’m sure we don’t all judge a book by its cover!

  10. I’ve been going to Bibo regularly since they opened, and it’s by far my favorite pizzeria in Vancouver. The owners are Italian, and they really know how to make great authentic food. My husband and his buddies (all Italians from Italy) congregate at BIbo at least monthly to enjoy a true taste of home.

    It’s true that some of the advertising jargon was once a bit bombastic, but the co-owner responsible for that is long gone. As is the unreliable service, in my experience.

    I personally would put Bibo at #1 on this list. Best pizza I”ve had since Italy, great salads (try the Italian Flag), good boozy martinis, and a really inviting and warm atmosphere.

    (Don’t Argue?? Have you seen them attempt to flip the dough in the air? Not authentic in the least)

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