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Inside The New “Save On Meats” Diner & Butcher Shop (Opening Tomorrow)


by Andrew Morrison | After a lengthy renovation/downsizing break that included a temporary pop-up in the original Boneta space at 1 West Cordova, Save On Meats is set to reopen tomorrow morning (Friday, February 14th) at 43 West Hastings, right where it has been since long before the Peloponnesian War. Expect the diner to launch with a brand new menu at 7am with the butcher shop – which has been radically/suitably reduced in size to more manageable proportions – opening a little later at 10am. Work on the incubator kitchen (for small business and VCC) is already well underway (snapshots of both below).

We checked in on the progress during the day and followed up later, just as a group of artists were christening the new space with their works and the first bites of a friends and family feast were being enjoyed. It doesn’t look all that different from the previous Save On Meats, save for the 45 new, Save On-related artworks on the walls (including a sweet pair of custom-designed Converse kicks), and a flip-counter that adds up the number of sandwiches that have been served to those in need thanks to Save On Meats’ sandwich token program. There’s also the favourite tie of the well remembered Jess Nichol, a local barman who passed away in the summer of 2011, folded inside a framed portrait of him hanging in a place of prominence above the bar. Oh, and plenty of Persephone beer. Even at breakfast. See you in the morning?

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  • IMG_5663
  • Mark Brand | Save On Meats
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  • IMG_5693
  • IMG_5694
  • IMG_5695
  • IMG_5696
  • IMG_8521
  • IMG_5698
  • IMG_5708
  • IMG_5710
  • IMG_5711
  • IMG_5715
  • IMG_5772
  • IMG_5717
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  • IMG_5723
  • IMG_5727
  • IMG_5761
  • IMG_5732
  • IMG_5762
  • IMG_5745
  • IMG_5767
  • Burger Time at Save On Meats
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  • IMG_5783
  • IMG_5786
Save On Meats
Neighbourhood: Downtown East Side
43 W Hastings St.

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