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A Tall, Refreshing Glass Of Breakfast At Chambar


The rotating breakfast juice at Chambar yesterday was freshly pressed beets, celery, apple, and lemon with a mint garnish — and holy good goddam was the tall glass ever a bummer when there was nothing left in it. It seemed a little weird at the time to be ordering a drink without any alcohol in it at Chambar (given its rich, storied history with the stuff), but it probably would have seemed a lot weirder to down an Old Fashioned with a side of eggs…

Chambar | 568 Beatty St | Downtown | 604-879-7119 | www.chambar.com


The Timely ‘Campfire’ Cocktail At Nomad On Main Street

This is a deliciously spicy little number of Eagle Rare bourbon, dry gin and dry vermouth complicated by ginger syrup, Angostura bitters and charred citrus. The potent, aromatic mix is then poured into a smoke filled rocks glass for the win.

South Africa’s Blankbottle 2015 ‘Moment Of Silence’

Seek and taste now, because there’s every assurance this exact wine will never be again. For the better. Crazy good value for this level of everything.

Brilliant, Food Friendly ‘Red Pilsner’ From Steel & Oak

Despite all the hop bombs, delectably balanced pale ales, and brett-conditioned saisons the organizers had secured, many of the bearded beer geek set in attendance preferred the nuanced charms of Occidental's perfectly executed Bohemian-style lager...

‘Sons Of Vancouver’ Coffee Liqueur — Launches Today

Without naming names, I can tell you this is NOTHING like that coffee liqueur that Mom spikes her morning cup of coffee with over the holidays...