Cheers to the Fall Season by Sipping on Something Delicious at Old Bird Restaurant

“The 9th Moon”

Autumn is creeping up on us, and some delicious evidence can be found in seasonal menus around Vancouver, including the new cocktail list at Old Bird restaurant on Main Street.

Bar Manager Phoebe has whipped up a menu of inspired drinks that we can’t wait to work our way through, including a special Mid-Autumn Moon Festival feature, “The 9th Moon” (pictured above) – made with chrysanthemum & ginseng infused white rum, Cointreau, ginger, Szechuan tincture, and coconut blood orange oil – inspired by the ominous number nine (the biggest and royalist number in Chinese culture) and the blossoming of Chinese chrysanthemums. A bit more backstory, from Old Bird:

Chrysanthemum is highlighted and celebrated in China especially in the Fall; The “Double Nine” Festival is held on the 9th day of the 9th month of the Lunar calendar, also known as the Chongyang Festival, which families would commemorate and pay their respects to the ancestors for good health, Chrysanthemum flowers would be in full blossom, and Chrysanthemum wines are shared.

The 9th Moon will be on feature from Friday, September 9th to Sunday, September 11th – and it’s going to be a whole mood, including 1930s Shanghai jazz tunes on the speakers. Keep an eye out for more details via the Old Bird website and Instagram page.

“Bermuda Dragon”

Then, continue to warm up to the Fall season by sipping your way through Old Bird’s entire list of seasonal cocktails (and mocktails), including owner Sophia Lin’s personal favourite, the “Bermuda Dragon” (vanilla-infused Bermudan dark rum, creamy Oolong tea, muddled lemon & lemon oil) which references the dragon-like appearance of dried tea leaves (Oolong literally translates to “dark dragon”). Check out the full menu and plot your plan of attack here.

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