New Location of ‘Field & Social’ Beginning to Take Shape in Yaletown

Local salad chainlet Field & Social has a fourth location under construction, this time in the heart of Yaletown (see also Mt. Pleasant, Dunsmuir St., and Royal Centre).

I snuck a peek inside the 1,450 sqft space at 1030 Mainland Street yesterday afternoon. As you can see from the photos above and below it’s still early days, but if you look closely there are a few indications of what’s to come, like the framing starts of a long banquette, a service counter, and twin alcoves at the front door. Given Field & Social’s sharp conceptual focus (no coffee, no alcohol, just salads), sleek aesthetic, takeaway vibe and established identity I suspect it will not only thrive under Covid-19 but also survive the neighbourhood’s long and ignoble tradition of ignoring its smaller eateries to death. The 15 seat, quick-service operation aims to launch at the beginning of December, with newly appointed Culinary Director Stewart Boyles (formerly the executive chef of Culinary Capers) having just retooled the menu. Take a look inside…

  • IMG_7081
  • IMG_7087
  • IMG_7082
  • IMG_7084
  • IMG_7079
  • IMG_7080
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