Gastown Restaurateur Sings Song of Survival

We all know Gastown restaurateur Sean Heather can pull a good pint and cut a tasty cheese board, but did you also know he could sing? Here he is – the owner of the Irish Heather, Open Outcry, Salt Tasting Room, and the Salty Tongue – belting out his own highly personalized Covid-19 version of Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit song, I Will Survive to promote an employee pricing program while also shouting out his sister, Roisin, who works as a street nurse on the DTES. Top marks.

There are 2 comments

  1. That was terrific and very impressive, Sean! Great lyrics and you have a very nice voice! Our Gastown friends Doug and Dave shared your song and message with us here in Orlando, FL. We four spent a fun evening with you at Irish Heather during a visit with the boys two years ago. And we will surely request a return visit when we are in Vancouver in September.
    Sadly, we had to cancel our upcoming trip to Ireland, our favorite place to visit! We were supposed to leave a week from today?. We will definitely be rescheduling that trip??!!
    Stay safe and well. “See You in September”. Mary and Bill Roberts

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