Four Winds Releases Annual Batch of Vexillum Imperial IPA

The GOODS from Four Winds

Delta, BC | Vexillum is an ancient Imperial Roman symbol for strength and nobility. This intensely hoppy IPA reveals notes of grapefruit and melon while finishing bitter, yet affably balanced.

Even though we only brew Vexillum once a year, it’s still a beer that we get asked about all the time. If some of our customers had it their way, we would be brewing Vex year-round. As our capacity grows, we may just do that. Despite its high IBU count, this Imperial IPA is suspiciously smooth and can sneak up on you at 9%. Be careful friends!

FOOD PAIRINGS: Nashville hot chicken, pizza, fried pickles, chicken wings, spicy Thai curries, cheesecake.

The Zephyrus Series, named after the Greek god of the west winds, is a series of bold and unique ales inspired by the hop-forward brews of our native West Coast.

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