Vancouver’s Best Ice Cream, Ranked

It's summer, so we've been filling our gobs with ridiculous amounts of ice cream (in the name of research). Here are our findings.
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Vancouver’s Best Ice Cream, Ranked

Summer is in full swing. Accordingly, we’ve been filling our gobs with ridiculous amounts of ice cream (in the name of research). These are our picks for Vancouver’s best makers of the stuff, presented alphabetically, on a map and in a poll for your ranking consideration. Happy spooning!

413 Industrial Ave.

Though they specialize in chocolate it should be noted that they also make damn good ice cream, as evidenced by their themed, super fun Ice Cream Socials and outstanding ice cream sandwiches.

Soft Peaks
25 Alexander St.

The focus at this Gastown shop is soft serve ice cream made with organic milk and hit with toppings. Go for the basic twist with honeycomb or coconut with chocolate syrup.

Earnest Ice Cream
3992 Fraser St.

The gangbusters success story of the local scoop game, Earnest – first launched in the Fraserhood back in 2010 – has expanded to include three other locations, which we’ve listed below. Secret weapon: sundaes.

Earnest Ice Cream (Olympic Village) 1829 Quebec St. MAP
Earnest Ice Cream (Frances St.) 1485 Frances St. MAP
Earnest Ice Cream (North Van) 127 W 1st St, North Vancouver MAP
235 East Pender St.

Dairy-free ice cream? Yup, and it’s fantastic stuff. We’ve been fans since day one. Love the look of the Chinatown shop, too. Wish their were more locations. Flavour: Dark Secret (sour cherries brewed in port wine with chocolate walnuts and quince).

La Casa Gelato
1033 Venables St.

La Casa Gelato has been a neighbourhood institution in Strathcona for 35 years, serving up a dizzying array of 238 flavours, everything from gorgonzola and pear to strawberry cheesecake.

Rain Or Shine Ice Cream
102-1926 West 4th Ave.

There’s a good reason why the tiny sidewalk parklet outside Rain or Shine in Kits is always busy. The ice cream is fabulous! They opened a second location on Cambie St. in 2015 (listed below). Best flavour: Coffee Toffee or Honey Lavender.

Rain Or Shine (Cambie) 3382 Cambie St. MAP
1141 Mainland Street

Consistently excellent, decadently dense ice cream made with liquid nitrogen in-house. Mister uses all-natural, mostly locally sourced ingredients, and is a good reason to skip the dessert menu when out for dinner in Yaletown. Hot tip: Smores Bar.

Innocent Ice Cream
4895 Main St.

Our go-to when looking for something sweet in the Little Mountain neighbourhood. They specialize in gluten-free ice cream cookie sandwiches. Multitude of flavour combos to choose from. Aim for the Butter Cup (chocolate ice cream between the peanut butter cookies).

Bella Gelateria
1001 W Cordova St.

The multiple award-winning, internationally celebrated bell of the gelato ball is famed for its consistent awesomeness across all flavours. The stuff is flawless. Current favourite: Belgian Chocolate Brownie.

Brown Paper Packages
620 Quebec St.

Brown Paper Packages operates out of tiny Pazzo Chow in Chinatown, offering ice cream sandwiches, scoops, pints, floats, ice cream cakes and ice cream sundaes. Cross your fingers for pineapple sorbetto.

Tangram Creamery
2729 Arbutus St.

Flavours lean to basic at this West Side newcomer, but they’re always done well, and that counts for the vegan and dairy-free options too. Favourites to date include Mint and Salted Caramel.

3330 Main St.

A small liquid nitrogen operation that compliments its mainstay flavours with must-try oddities like Oolong and Sweet Maple Corn. Secret weapon: strawberry milkshakes and lemon cookie ice cream sandwiches.

La Glace
2785 W 16th Ave.

Arguably Vancouver’s most attractive ice cream parlour. They don’t rest on their aesthetic, however, as the French-style product is superb. Next level: ice cream pavlovas!

Who makes the best ice cream in Vancouver?

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There are 21 comments

  1. Rain or Shine also has a location at UBC (6001 University Boulevard) right next to the bus loop.

  2. I don’t know if you’re including North Van here, but Welcome Parlour is also excellent

  3. Where’s Commercial Drive’s Dolce Amore? Perfect texture, fresh natural favours; head and shoulders over everyone on this list.

  4. Huh? Are you kidding me? No mention of Amato Gelato Cafe on 1st Ave? It’s the best non-hipster Gelato in the city bar none!!!!

  5. I’d vote for Welcome Parlor in North Van, too. Small batch, delicious flavors and natural ingredients. It’s at 8th and St Andrews.

  6. Soft peaks are the best! So creamy and not overly sweet organic soft serve. Can’t get enough.

  7. Agreeing with sigs, where is Amato? I love Mario’s ice cream, it’s so smooth!

  8. What school did you guys go to? If that list is in alphabetical order then I must be dyslexic! Also I add my vote to all those saying Roosters should be on that list – definitely better than Earnest or Rain or Shine and without the queues.

  9. I know it has already been commented, but Welcome Parlour is by far better than any of these!

  10. I agree that Amato Gelato should definitely be on the list. Come on Andrew! 🙂

    And Roosters (for their amazing lemon poppy seed) ice cream.

    Also, if you are covering all neighbourhoods, you must also include Rocky Point Ice Cream in Port Moody!

    And if you want to throw in something new, there is also the newly opened Perverted Ice Cream (haven’t tried it yet but popped my head into the place and it looks super cool).

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