Chef Terry McCormick Launches New Menu at Monkey 9 Brewing Co.

The GOODS from Monkey 9 Brewpub

Richmond, BC | Monkey 9 Brewing Co’s Executive Chef Terry McCormick just launched a new menu and it’s effing delicious. Drawing from the soulful flavours from the American South, Chef Terry uses different slow cooking techniques to create honest food with unique profiles that excite the taste buds. Take the Nathan’s Foot Long Hotdog – a fan favourite to staff and customers alike. By adding corn crema, bacon tomato jam and potato straw to this ballpark classic, Chef Terry has created a playful dish that balances sweet and savoury with some crunch.

“The menu is inspired by two things: first, the booming food truck and Portland area food scene and secondly, and most profoundly, the beer being brewed at Monkey 9 by Travis Lang,” Chef McCormick explains. “I felt a new menu needed to up the game to showcase [our beer]. The Silverback Stout BBQ sauce, Blonde Ale Mustard Wings, Dad’s Lager Battered Haddock and Blonde Ale Bacon Leek Mussels are just a few of the ways I have tried to incorporate these kick ass beers into the menu.”

Not only does Chef Terry want to create exciting dishes, he also wants to provide customers with ingredients from socially conscious companies like Wild and Live Seafood. Wild and Live Seafood’s mission is to provide restaurants with fresh, sustainable, traceable and safe seafood from both the West and East coast. By highlighting companies like this and working with local Richmond farmers like Pure AquaGarden, Monkey 9 hopes to inspire customers to be more aware of where their food is sourced and provide them with more sustainable options.

At the end of the day, Chef Terry and his dedicated team want to provide their community with a menu that creates a social and memorable dining experience meant to be shared over a pint of craft beer with friends, family and even strangers.

Meet Executive Chef Terry McCormick

Chef Terry McCormick started working at a small fish and chip joint in Leamington, Ontario as a way to appease his dad who “was tired of me being a golf bum and decided it was time to get a job or get out”. Little did he know he would meet Melvin Reid, a retired master chef, who took Terry under his wing and helped jumpstart his career in the kitchen.

Later, Terry went traveling in Europe and spent time working in hotels and restaurants all over including England, France, Spain and Italy. While working overseas, Terry was influenced by the multicultural backgrounds of the staff in each establishment and the Italian philosophy of creating simple, honest and recognizable flavours that are fun to eat. With the help of his team at Monkey 9, this philosophy is brought to life with their latest menu.

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  1. awesome news! sounds like alot thought and dedication went into this. great ideas, hats off to the chef!