On Weed’s Big Enemies & Christy Clark Making A Total Ass Of Herself


by Sean Orr | Lukewarm War: Russian ships track HMCS Fredericton carrying Stephen Harper. “I wonder if he was hiding in a closet while this was happening…” – Spencer Davis.

The Russians may be trailing Harper, but Mulcair isn’t: The EKOS poll: Mulcair is picking up all the marbles as Trudeau fades. This Hour has 22 Minutes tweets: Liberals confused: “This is not what the prophecy foretold!”

I know you are but what am I? Immigration minister calls Liberals ‘the racist party’. Sorry, I wasn’t listening. I was just watching Elizabeth May in the background. Best comment: “Someone’s been taking classes at the Tumblr School of Debate, I see…”

Here’s a good idea. Let’s base our drug policy on a TV show about drugs: Controlled Drugs And Substances Act Changes Proposed By Government. “Dangerous designer drugs often targeted at youth are appearing on our streets more frequently,” Ambrose said. “Anyone who has watched the show ‘Breaking Bad’ knows exactly what I am talking about.” The only thing I learned from Breaking Bad was the importance of socialized health care.

Call me crazy, but I’d rather base my drug policy on, you know, actual research: Drugs aren’t the problem, says addictions expert Dr. Carl Hart. He has dreadlocks, so he can’t be wrong.”Drugs are often used as a scapegoat for other problems such as poverty and crime, said Hart, adding that drugs are not as addictive as we have been told…” That is the most sane and reasonable thing I have ever read, so expect him to be completely ignored.

Or at least astroturfed: Group against city pot-dispensary hearings has U.S. ties to Big Pharma. Who would oppose people getting off of opiates and onto the marijuana maintenance program? Oh right, the people who supply the opiates and financially support a government the people no longer trust. Go figure.

With everyone, including children’s entertainer Raffi, all “bent out of shape” about shutting down a major piece of infrastructure on the public dime (co-sponsored by fracking Randians on National Aboriginal Day on a bridge next to Brown Skin Beach), the premier responds with a sophomoric joke about Tai Chi as if to imply that British Columbians oppose all non-European spiritual traditions. Or something. Troll level: Master.

The Syrup Trap weighs in (no mention of condos or LNG?), but not as zeitgeistfully as this Facebook event: Fucking Burrard Bridge Harsh Noise. I personally can’t wait for the 10am “punching children off of bicycles celebration”…

Or not… Burrard Bridge Yoga Day Vancouver event cancelled. Ok, but can we still have the PCP pancake breakfast?

SkyTrain service trouble Tuesday caused by motor failure. Oh, for a second there I thought maybe it was shut down for a massive yoga party. Too soon?

Air Canada customs breach at Vancouver airport after arrival from Beijing. “Airline says passengers were ‘misdirected into the Domestic Terminal’ instead of Canada Customs” – where passport official Bob Rennie accidentally stamped their condo brochures…

Can’t Buy Class: Evan Solomon fired from CBC after allegations he used job to sell art. Dummy, you’re supposed to use your contacts at CBC to speak to the petroleum industry. “Thank God we still have Amanda Lang to uphold CBC journalistic credibility” – Chris Green.

Bonus: Subeez has closed, hasn’t been paying rent or staff. Oh noes! Where else am I going to get my yam fries? Everywhere? Oh, ok.

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