Tableau Bar Bistro’s New, Revitalized Menu Focused On Classic Parisian Pleasures


The GOODS from Tableau Bar Bistro

Vancouver, BC | Tableau Bar Bistro’s new, revitalized menu features classic French dishes that would be at home in any Parisian bistro. Locally-sourced ingredients continue to shine in Chef Garett Blundell’s Hors D’Oeuvres, Salades, Plats Principaux, and Plats Du Jour. To complement the new menu, beverage director JS Dupuis has refreshed the drinks list with a tighter focus on European wines and beers. An updated Happy Hour with new food and beverage features will have groups toasting “À ta santé!” any day of the week.

Plats Principaux include classic Parisian bistro fare like Duck Breast à L’Orange, a crispy-skinned Yarrow Meadows duck breast served medium-rare, accompanied by pomme dauphine and citrus marmalade, and Suprême de Poulet ‘Grand Mère’ a juicy free-range Farmcrest chicken breast sautéed with bacon and mushrooms and plated on creamy pomme purée. Chef Garett’s Steak Frites showcases a well-marbled 8oz flat iron steak, grilled to order and served with deeply flavourful red wine jus, with a side of perfect home-cut pomme frites. Fish and shellfish dishes make the most of Canada’s waters, like Steelhead Trout pan fried in butter and served alongside a quinoa salad dressed with toasted almonds, green onion, dried currants and a lemon vinaigrette, and the authentic Moules Frites, a pound of mussels in a broth of tomato, saffron and paprika, with fennel, shallots and a splash of pernod, all served with Tableau’s pomme frites.

Each day, Tableau’s chalkboard highlights enticing Plats du Jour like Slow Cooked Lamb Shank with saffron couscous, preserved lemon and mint, Bouillabaisse with Ocean Wise halibut, prawns, and fresh mussels in a fennel tomato broth, and Côte de Porc, a brined pork chop in a grainy mustard and cider red wine jus, paired with potatoes and glazed vegetables. For those loyal to Tableau’s signatures, some menu fixtures remain, like the French Onion Soup with onion broth, gruyère and croûtons, and Mushrooms on Toast, a decadent indulgence of creamy mushrooms on brioche.

Tableau’s afternoon Happy Hour runs during prime patio hours from 2:30pm to 5:30pm, and a late night Happy Hour welcomes guests for snacks or larger plates from 9:30pm until doors close. Share a Charcuterie et Fromage platter in your choice of two sizes with a selection of three or five cheeses and locally cured meats. Make it a meal with the House Made Burger & Frites, a patty of house-ground fresh whole chuck grilled to perfection, topped with gruyère cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, piled high on a soft bun spread with homemade dressing, and plated with a stack of pomme frites. Pair your choices with a highball for $5, a house wine for $6 (including bubbly), or an on-special feature beer or cocktail.

Plats Principaux

Pork & Veal Ragoût ~ 22
pappardelle pasta, chilli, garlic, tomato, kale

Gnocchi à la Romaine ~ 20
Swiss chard, tomato, padano

Steak Frites ~ 26
8oz grilled beef, arugula, red wine jus

Duck Breast à L’Orange ~ 27
pomme dauphine, citrus marmalade

Steelhead Trout ~ 25
quinoa, almond, dill, caper, lemon yogurt sauce

House Made Burger & Frites ~ 18
gruyère cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato

Suprême de Poulet ‘Grand Mère’ ~ 26
free range chicken breast, bacon, mushroom, pomme purée

Moules Frites ~ 25
tomato, saffron, paprika, fennel, pernod, parsley


1181 Melville St. Vancouver BC Canada V6E 0A3
Telephone: 604-639-8692 | Twitter | Facebook


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The People

THEPEOPLE_HeadChefGarettBlundell_RJM1793-Cred Milk Creative Communications

Executive Chef: Tret Jordan
Head Chef: Garett Blundell
Beverage Director: JS Dupuis
General Manager: Peter Collins
Director of Operations: Roy Comesotti

About Tableau Bar Bistro


A neighbourhood bar bistro, Chef Garett Blundell’s menu blends classic culinary flavours of Paris with the use of fresh west coast ingredients, set in a beautiful interior that combines old world classic bistro elements with modern touches. A dynamic bar scene serves seasonal in-house and classic cocktails and a great selection of local and draft beers on tap as well as an eclectic mix of approachable wines built from the regions of France. A perfect place for business lunches, Happy Hour drinks on the patio, everyday dining, special celebrations, or brunch with the whole family.

Reviews & Accolades

“It’s French bistro done well enough to make me hungry at the thought of it.” – Mia Stainsby, Vancouver Sun

“You’ll go for the ambience and stay for the cocktails (which are excellent). But you’re bound to return, again and again, for the food.” – Alexandra Gill, The Globe and Mail

Classic French bistro fare, monster grain bowls at lunch, and some of the best trout tartare in the city make this Coal Harbour a fantastic destination day or night.” – Anya Levykh, Westender

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