Table #20, The Unique Scalene High-Top At The Stable House


Many months ago we posted a reader’s poll listing what we considered to be the top five restaurant tables in Vancouver. We received so much in the way of reader feedback – both positive and negative that we’ve decided to shine a brighter light on the subject, one excellent table at a time.


We love window tables in general for a number of reasons, not least among them being their unique positioning. They not only invite all who sit at them to split their attentions between what’s happening inside and outside, but they also tend to be isolated away from the rest of the dining room, which is in and of itself a major bonus (before the advent of the smartphone, the distractions inherent in this dualism were self evident). This particular table – #20 (seats 2 to 5 people) – at The Stable House is thus perfectly positioned, and if the people-watching on West 13th is a little dry, how often does one get the opportunity to saddle up to a scalene triangle-shaped high-top in the window? The answer is never. This is the only table of its kind in Vancouver, so seek it out. To eat: cheese and charcuterie from La Grotta del Formaggio with a glass of Cava.

The Stable House | 1520 W. 13th Ave. | SOUTH GRANVILLE | 604-736 1520 |

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