GOODS: Music Direction’s New July Playlist For Yaletown’s Award-Winning “La Pentola”

Music Direction is located at #210 – 430 Railway Street in Vancouver, BC | 1.855.350.2292 |
Music Direction is located at #210 – 430 Railway Street in Vancouver, BC |

The GOODS from Music Direction

Vancouver, BC | Our July playlist highlights the soundtrack we created for Vancouver’s award-winning La Pentola della Quercia inside OPUS Hotel Vancouver. Taking inspiration from their branding and interior design, our team selected songs to be paired with their artfully crafted cuisine. La Pentola is passion and expertise in a warm and inviting environment. Lean back and enjoy our handpicked music selections to accompany the very best of ‘Slow Food’…

1 The Desert Babbler Iron & Wine
2 Step Vampire Weekend
3 June Wild Belle
4 Best Friends, Right? Amy Winehouse
5 Elusive Lianne La Havas
6 Something’s Haunting You She & Him
7 Falling Ivan And Alyosha
8 Pity Love Adam Green & Binki Shapiro
9 Rhythm Bruises Har Mar Superstar
10 My Baby Just Cares For Me Nina Simone
11 Me Myself and Wine Ron Sexsmith
12 I Need You The Cancel

Music Direction designs branded playlists for experience-conscious businesses. We believe that music is an effective marketing tool; the strategic selection of music can help communicate and strengthen a brand’s identity. The right music at the right time can influence consumer behavior and increase sales.


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#210 – 430 Railway Street
Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6A 1B1
Phone: 1.855.350.2292
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Tech Support: 1.888.279.2292

About Music Direction

In an increasingly competitive market, progressive restaurants and retailers are realizing how important music is. Music Direction is the ultimate music distribution and licensing service. Through a collaborative process we design a custom music profile for each of our clients. We strategically select music to match the personality of a brand. Our full colour touch-screen interface displays album art and gives managers and staff the ability to provide valuable feedback by ‘thumbing up/down’ on a track as it plays.

Current clients include Cactus Club Cafe, Opus Hotel, Donnelly Group, Glowbal Group and Mavi Jeans.


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