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On Lessons from Legends and How the Olympics can Change a City’s Culinary Landscape

The medium is the message, and it might just be delicious: Researchers at MIT are developing an app that can analyze a food photo and provide recipes that best match the image.

Legendary editor Judith Jones passed away this past week at the age of 93. Jones worked with the likes of Julia Child, James Beard and Lidia Bastianich. Her work ethic and attention to detail can be summed up in this quote:

“If you want to write, write. It has to be a passion. When you edit, you’re willing to stay up all night and then be slapped in the face.”

Recent lineups at Too Two Sauerkraut Fish for a Sichuan-style pickled fish soup suggest a day trip to Richmond is in order!

Forget the kale chips, people. Apparently jellyfish chips are now the way of the future!

The story of one food bank investing in local agriculture, supporting local schools and providing healthy, home cooked meals for community members in need.

“Foodlink’s ongoing work represents a new direction in food banking — a shift from simply storing and distributing food to addressing America’s hunger crisis by focusing on ways to alleviate poverty as well as providing healthier foods.”

For a city with such a well-established food scene, Eater looks at how the 2028 Olympics in LA may change its culinary landscape.

Ever wonder how food bloggers get their dinners to look so darn pretty? Food 52 shares some insider tips on food styling for picture perfect meals.

While the traffic over Lion’s Gate may be heavy, CBC’s Gail Johnson provides a few tasty reasons why West Van is worth the trek.

Take in one of the best views in the city while you still can because as of September 30th, Vancouver’s revolving restaurant Cloud 9 will be closing its doors.

Scout gets an early peek inside The Black Lodge on East Broadway, which is set to open in September.

Eater shares their picks for some of the best food movies to stream on Netflix this summer including a BBC documentary on alcohol use and a film about the founder of McDonald’s.

From pulled pork to banh mi and grilled cheese to Reubens, Bon Appetit has a sandwich recommendation for every zodiac sign. Horoscopes never tasted so good!

A tug of war between health care practitioners and agriculture has the government caught between a rock and a hard place with upcoming Canadian Food Guide revisions.

While we’re struggling with forest fires, many other parts of Canada are seeing increased rainfall this summer resulting in issues for the restaurant industry.

The West Side welcomes La Glace with open arms as the French-style ice cream shop opened its doors to the public over the long weekend. An excellent addition to the local frozen treat scene!

The folks at Bon Appetit have released their picks for the best new restaurants across America including Portland’s Afuri and Tusk and Seattle’s Marmite and Mean Sandwich.

Bulleit Bourbon heiress Hollis Bulleit speaks out on her family’s history of homophobia.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @tokulansdowne and this gorgeous sashimi bowl.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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