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On Menu Prices Going Up and Customers Fighting Amongst Themselves

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From one disaster to the next: even as Covid restrictions ease, hotels and restaurants are bracing for the impacts of wildfires this summer.

While we wait for the green light on safe international travel, the Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby suggests a visit to the recently opened Giovane Bacaro for a taste of Northern Italy.

Twitter apparently had a field day this past week when two cookbook authors declared Portland to be America’s best pizza city.

Pappygate makes its way to Netflix! A new docu-series details true crime stories including an episode dedicated to a massive Kentucky Bourbon heist in 2013.

While a pivot to take-out was a lifeline for many restaurants early on in the pandemic, it seems that home delivery is here to stay.

In a recent JD Power survey, 71 percent of consumers said they would continue to order delivery as much as or more than they had during the pandemic.

How two local gardens are using their harvests to fight food insecurity in the city.

And speaking of fighting food insecurity, a couple of local residents have organized to set up a community fridge and pantry in East Van.

Two local restaurant owners explain why customers may be noticing an increase in menu prices.

Restaurants Canada said a recent member survey showed 49 per cent of owners were operating at a loss, 24 per cent were breaking even, seven per cent reported a pre-tax profit of zero to two per cent, 11 per cent of two to five per cent and eight per cent of five per cent or more.

After more than a year and a half, the Richmond Night Market will be making its triumphant return on July 23rd.

One door opens, another closes: Kits says goodbye to much loved French-Japanese restaurant Mak N Ming.

Finally, Vox explains how a lack of understanding of “expired” food has resulted in massive food waste in the US:

Researchers have found that “expiration” dates — which rarely correspond to food actually expiring or spoiling — are mostly well-intentioned, but haphazard and confusing. Put another way, they’re not expiration dates at all. And the broader public’s misunderstanding about them is a major contributor in every single one of the factors I named above: wasted food, wasted revenue, wasted household income, and food insecurity.

Despite the provincial mask mandate being lifted, tensions remain as restaurants debate internal policies and face backlash for maintaining mask requirements.

Similarly, this gentleman was harassed by a fellow customer for choosing to wear a mask inside a Tim Hortons.

Despite 800,000 food service workers either losing their jobs or experiencing reduced hours during the pandemic, many are not returning to the industry, even as things re-open.

The ongoing hospitality labour shortage is forcing some restaurants to make tough choices to manage.

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  1. That article on food waste was one of the better ones I have read in a long while. I always try to get through all the food I buy, but it can be difficult. That is a me problem that is having an outsized effect on other people, I suspect.

    Good to get reminders like this and make the incremental improvements. Thank you!

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