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HEADS UP // Brand New ‘Bespoke Market’ Kicking Off in Squamish This Weekend

There’s a new shopping event we’re looking forward to, organized by long-time event producer, Shannon Lorenz… It’s called Bespoke Market and the first edition is kicking off at the Railway Museum of BC in Squamish from Friday, April 29th through Sunday, May 1st.

Unless you’re superhuman, you’ve probably also felt those familiar restless urges for change, associated with the Spring season. We think that introducing some new stuff into your life that’s lovingly and locally made by a bunch of creative folks is a fine way of helping to quell it. Below are just a handful of vendors at the Bespoke spring market that are making us feel all tingly with shopping lust…(Check out the full list of Spring Market vendors here.)

If you’re a Farmer’s Market regular, then you’re probably no stranger to Ca Croustille Bakery Ltd. If you’re not, then don’t be fooled by their low-key branding: their French pastries are legit.

Among other novelties, Fuse and Sip make flavour concoctions begging for booze and backyard gatherings, like the new Aperitivo Spritz (orange, rosehip & gentian) pictured above, and Nacho Average Spicy Margarita (strawberry, peach, lime & chili pepper).

One more for the cocktail and spirit-lovers: newly launched Raincity Distillery has a line-up of infused gins and vodka to inspire your at-home creations this spring. In addition to the Last Garden elderflower and Loving Dusk raspberry gins, their Iron Buddha Gin (made with Iron Buddha tea) and Black Tusk Smoked Vodka (with smoked cedar) sound especially intriguing…

On the hunt for some new old stuff for your space? There are more than a few vintage vendors participating in this Spring market, but we’re really digging Saguaro Vintage’s backstory (a saguaro is a type of cactus, and owner Megan’s grandfather owned a cactus farm in Ontario) and aesthetic.

Fortunately for book-lovers of all sizes, Squamish’s Little Bookshop roving trailer will be putting on its brakes at Bespoke. Twee factor aside, what makes this bookseller so special has got to be its conscientious selection of titles that, contrary to its name, purposefully does not shy away from the “big” topics for kid or adult readers alike.

Market hours are 5 to 9pm on the Friday, and 10am to 4pm on the weekend. Tickets are $5 each at the door or, if you plan on making a full weekend of it, you can buy a pass in advance for $7-12 here.

Railway Museum
Neighbourhood: Squamish
39645 Government Rd.

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