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DINER: Delayed “Pizzeria Barbarella” Finds New Location In Move To The Fraserhood

I received an email earlier today from Terry Deane, formerly of  the celebrated Ah-Beetz pizzeria in Abbottsford. You might recall how we told his story of his next project, dubbed Pizzeria Barbarella and slated for 1400 Victoria Dr., way back in January:

I am getting a high temp oven from Sweden that reaches over 900 degrees and the pizza will be a sort of NY/Naples hybrid. Simple menu with a couple of starters, couple of salads, couple of deserts and 6-8 pizzas (12? in diameter). I will be making my own sausages and smoked pancetta with Sloping Hill farm pork and in general I will be focusing on local and seasonal. I have sourced an organic ’00? flour which is very similar to the flour Chris Bianco uses at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. I am attaching a sample menu but keep in mind this is not final and the prices are just a guess.

Today, after a commenter posted on the lack of  any word since the winter (the address has been dormant for months), I started drafting an email to Deane when an update from him arrived. Here’s the short of it:

I thought I should update you on the restaurant’s status. 1400 Victoria Drive didn’t work out […] Our new location is 654 East Broadway just west of Fraser (the location of the infamous late night gang shooting from a couple of years ago). We are about a month or so away from being ready but you know how it goes. Our table tops, bar and pizza table front are all being custom built from reclaimed 100 year old Douglas fir from the Pantages theatre…

And so on. Awesome, and a bonus for the Fraserhood. Read the draft of the menu here. Looking forward to it!


There are 10 comments

  1. This is great news that neighbourhood needs something like a quality pizza place they already have two fabulous Ethiopian places.

  2. I was excited that we were able to save a piece of the Pantages. It’s a shame that the city tears down beautiful buildings like that.

  3. Aaaaaah!!!!!!! So excited that Terry is coming to Vancouver! He makes the most beautiful pizzas, I still dream of Ah-Beetz.

  4. I am no Neapolitan expert, purist or connoisseur (I have found some that have been named the most authentic on this site a tad simple) but this place is no joke. Super fresh, great crust, and my favorite part is the salami/sausage ingredients are ample and high quality. Thank you Scout, I’d never have known about the place otherwise.

    No I am not related to the owner.

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