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DINER: Corsi & Tsakumis Land DB/Lumiere Spots, Plan For New Wine Bar & Restaurant

by Andrew Morrison | Patrick Corsi and Alex Tsakumis of Kitsilano’s Q4 (formerly “Quattro on Fourth”) have just picked up the old DB Bistro/Feenie’s and Lumiere spaces at 2551 West Broadway. The lease was signed on Friday, and the loose ends of the deal was completed today.

These are iconic locations in the pantheon of Vancouver’s restaurant scene. I can’t count on my hands and feet the number of great cooks, servers, sommeliers, bartenders and managers that worked these rooms and kitchens in years gone by. Few other addresses have spawned so many others. Would we have a Boneta, Ensemble, Farina, Tableau, L’Abattoir, Cadeaux, or Cabana without it? Perhaps not. Would the Cactus Club be anywhere near as tolerable as it is today? Definitely not. The Guggenheimer Dog Gobble would never have happened! Perish the thought…

For the DB/Feenie’s side, they’re thinking about turning it into another Q4 and changing the original on West 4th into something else. As for Lumiere, they’re planning on turning it into a cool little wine bar. Still, nothing is certain just yet. “This literally just happened, and it happened very fast,” Corsi told me this afternoon, adding: “we weren’t even looking!”

Their realtor convinced them to take a peek nevertheless, and they liked what they saw. According to Corsi, the million dollar “rockstar kitchens” (as he puts it) hadn’t been totally stripped. As for the condition of the rooms, they’re apparently in great shape as well. We can expect a quick turn-around. Opening day should come at some point in May.

Bonus weirdness: DB Bistro and Lumiere closed exactly one year ago today.


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