Plotting to Steal Artist’s Idaho Desert Home and Plant It in the Nicola Valley

We want this cozy, picturesquely isolated Olson Kundig home / workspace in the remote wastes of Idaho.

We Want to Steal This Cabin and Rebuild It on a Secret Plot near Tofino

The half-underground cabin in the middle of nowhere in Sweden would make a great hideaway outside Sooke or Tofino on Vancouver Island

Dreaming of This Rural Washington State Retreat for a Clearing on Galiano Island

The house is wrapped in Western Red Cedar and features an office, an in/out fireplace, high ceilings and lots of windows.

We Want This Swedish Mountainside ‘Lofthuset’ to Overlook all of Squamish

They're making four of these beauties for a mountainside in Sweden. Surely they could make a fifth for Squamish...

Imagining This Awesome Treehouse Near Beijing As A Secret North Shore Hideout

The main space - floored with a tatami mat - is for living/sleeping, while the other is used as a washroom. It's tiny (all told under 100 sqft), but we reckon it's enough to provide the one or two people within (anymore would be ridiculous) with the escape they desire. We'd take ours in the quiet cool of the North Shore's Lynn Valley, permits be damned.

Feasting Hut In The Scottish Wilds Would Suit The Desolate Okanagan Highlands

All it took was one lousy 48 hour heatwave and we're already pining for the wintry windswept wilds of the middle of nowhere!

Radical House Full Of Ladders, Nets, Tunnels Would Suit Dr. Seuss Near Kits Beach

It reminds me of my crazy preschool in Kitsilano back in the 1970s, which until my late teens I was convinced was the home of Dr. Seuss.

This ‘Moonlight Cabin’ In Australia For A Stretch Of Spectacular Desolation In BC

This small structure overlooking a stretch of Australian coast has everything you could want in a small family escape, which is to say a double bed, a couple of bunks, a kitchen and a bathroom

Imagining This ‘Cabin’ On The Wild Coast Of Chile As An Okanagan Desert Escape

There are 72 panel doors on the exterior, all of which can be opened or closed to either reveal the entirety of the internal space or shutter whole sections off.

Seoul’s Super Skinny ‘Grown House’ Would Make A Curious Strathcona Cat Happy

This ‘Writer’s Shed’ Escape In The UK Would Suit The Yard Of Any Creative Type

A Minimalist, Monolithic Cliff House In Sun-Soaked Spain For Our Rainy West Side

This Pine-Clad, View-Heavy Cabin In Rural Norway As A Hideaway Above Lion’s Bay

This Simple Pre-Fab Cabin In The Brazilian Wilds For A Malahat Drive Bald Spot

Imagining This Cape Breton Escape With Good Tea On The Cowichan Valley Coast

British Firm Designs The Cabin We Want For Indulgent Sunshine Coast Isolation

Isolated, Off-Grid Hideaway In The Woods, Free From Rain And ‘Alternative Facts’

Secluded, Clean-Lined Washington State Retreat Overlooking The Olympic Range

Reimagining The Indoor Swimming Pool For A Bucolic Patch Of West Side Woods

Isolated, Wintry Cabin In Norway Would Suit A Rocky Perch Above Gonzales Bay

High Ceilinged, 1895 Utrecht Coach House With Cantilevered Office + Bath Combo

Modern Mexico City Home Anchored By Gorgeous Library Fashioned From Concrete

Bright, Secluded Rainforest Retreat Tucked Away Somewhere On Vancouver Island

Unique Montana Wilderness Retreat Would Make An Awesome Squamish Hideaway

Green Roofed Waterfront House In Australia Would Suit A Quiet Gulf Island Shore

Finnish Lakeside Cabin Would Make For A Cool, Cozy, Contemplative Island Retreat

Quebec Sculptor’s Tower House Set In The Conifers Would Suit Tofitian Seclusion

House In Quebec’s Wilds Would Suit A Lakeside Perch On The Road Up To Whistler