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Check Out SAD Mag’s Nostalgic New Photo Exhibit, Popping Up in Gastown This Weekend Only

In conjunction with the release of their new issue, and with the help of 10 diverse, local artists working with photography, Vancouver-based print publication SAD Mag is reviving a quaint and nostalgic analog medium: the disposable camera.

This weekend only (December 11th and 12th) the resulting images included in ‘The Disposable Camera Project: FOUND’ will be on display in Gastown at 45 Blood Alley Square. Curious viewers can expect to see photos inspired by the magazine’s current theme, ‘Found’, from the following participants: Joy Gyamfi, Shawn Duff, Divya Nanray, Jamie Gurnell, Alia Youssef, Christian Nicolay, Alison Boulier, Madeline Barber, Banafshe Salehi, and STANKDADDY. All of the images are also available to purchase, with full proceeds going directly to the artists.

There are three time slots available to check out ‘FOUND’: an early Saturday preview from 1-5pm, the official launch party at 5-11pm, and Sunday from 1-6pm. All of the viewings are free for the public; however, with safety protocols in mind, an RSVP is required to attend the launch party. You can do that here. And, because it’s a SAD event, in addition to the art on the walls, attendees can also snag copies of the new issue (pictured above), as well as limited edition merchandise, all while enjoying music, drinks, good company and more. See you at the show!

45 Blood Alley Square
Neighbourhood: Gastown
45 Blood Alley Square

This Week at the 2024 Capture Photography Festival

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