Dosanko Restaurant Raising Funds for Jobless Staff After Recent Fire

One of our favourite local family-run restaurants, Dosanko, has been forced to temporarily close their doors in order to deal with the ramifications of a July 17th fire in their building, which caused flooding and some serious damage to their kitchen space.

While the restaurant undergoes renovations, which may take upwards of a couple of months to complete, GM and co-owner Akiyo Lowey has set up a GoFundMe page in order to help support their staff who have become jobless as a result, and ensure their job stability.

From Dosanko’s Instagram post:

“Our facility and most of our equipment will be covered by insurance, but our staff lost their job temporary [sic] and will be only partially covered… I want all the staff including part-time to be back when we reopen and I want them to have a comfortable summer.”

If you’re in the position to help out, then you can contribute to this admirable effort by heading over to the GoFund Dosanko Staff page here.

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