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Revolutionizing Local Food: Get to Know Farm-to-Plate Marketplace

Think of Farm-to-Plate Marketplace like an online Farmers Market – one designed to collectively support local food producers, enhance transparency in the food system, and combat food insecurity.

It makes healthy, local and seasonal eating a little bit easier for those facing economic hardship, while also aiming to use food to unite and support individuals within the community. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: This step functions as an online Farmers Market, where farmers and other participating food businesses post their available products for customers to order. (They also set their own prices and take 100% of the cost of items sold.) These orders are then distributed for pickup at designated locations or community hubs within the area.

Step 2: During checkout, customers have the option to pay the full price for their food, apply a subsidy (up to $10 per week) for a lower total cost, or opt to top off their order with a little extra to help subsidize food orders for others, maintaining anonymity for those receiving assistance.

Step 3: Orders are aggregated before being placed directly with farms and food suppliers, to ensure the program meets the minimum order requirements set by vendors, and covering the costs of transportation and labour associated with delivery.

Step 4: Participants of the program share their information to help identify and implement strategies for enhancing even greater access to healthy, locally-sourced food. These details are made visible on the Farm-to-Plate Marketplace website on a weekly basis.

Some nice businesses that are already participating in the program include: Athiana Acres, Fife Bakery, Mandair Farms, North Arm Farm, Tayybeh and The Acorn Market, as well as non-profit organizations like CityReach and FoodStash who supply the Marketplace with donated and rescued food items. Scope out the full list of Farmers and Vendors here.

We’re firm believers that everyone deserves to be nourished by good food. Access to nutritious, in-season and local food should be a right, not a class privilege. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already on the same page. For more details and to sign up for Farm-to-Plate Marketplace, head to their website here.

Are you a farmer or food vendor (or know of one) who’d like to get involved? To see if you’re the right fit, first head here before reaching out to the Farm-to-Plate team. Interested in volunteering your time in exchange for Marketplace credits? From photographer to delivery driver, there are loads of ways to get involved, which you can scope out on their Volunteer Opportunities page.

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