Second Coming of Peckinpah BBQ to Rise in Squamish This Autumn

Tyson Reimer and Ryan Murfitt mug for the camera in the shell of the original Peckinpah in June, 2010 | Photo: Scout Magazine

Gastown’s Peckinpah BBQ is rising again, this time in the heart of Squamish in what used to be the Oryzae Japanese restaurant space on the main floor of the Crash Hotel (38005 Cleveland Ave).

Original co-owners Tyson Reimer and Ryan Murfitt are resurrecting the North Carolina-inspired operation – which ran for 10 years at 2 Water St. – with two new partners, MJ and Peter Lucke. (MJ you might recognize from her front of house roles at Cobre, Cuchillo and Nook. Prior to managing 33 Acres‘ tasting rooms, Peter ran the floor at Chinatown’s Bao Bei.)

The new foursome has only just taken possession of the address and hope to have the restaurant open to the public before the end of this October. The 3,000 sqft location should give them 120 seats inside and possibly another 40 or so outside, so we can expect something considerably bigger than the original.

via @PeckinpahBBQ

From what Tyson has been telling me, it sounds like it will a very similar menu to what was previously enjoyed (I was a sucker for those pulled pork sandwiches!), only it will be more cafeteria-style situation where guests seat themselves. The bourbon-focused beverage list will this time be complemented by Squamish beers and local ciders.

Tyson sent me a few photos of early progress. Watch this space!

  • 20210721_163956
  • 20210721_160332
  • 20210721_160228
  • 20210721_160157
  • 20210721_160118
  • 20210603_151836

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  1. Still very much missing you in Gastown, but very pleased at this news. I will be visiting even though you’re technically not walking distance anymore (and probably will attempt to convince you to open a 2nd location… back in Gastown lol).

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