THROWBACK THURSDAY // Pink Wall Ice Cream Hangs at La Casa Gelato

La Casa Gelato, Strathcona | May, 2017 | Photo: Michelle Sproule

For this edition of #ThrowbackThursday we go back to a much simpler time when we could crowd into ice cream shops on Spring evenings and order a scoop or two.

One of the stranger things about life in our neighbourhood under the scourge of Covid-19 has been the total absence of traffic in and around our local ice cream shop, La Casa Gelato, which has been temporarily closed on account of the pandemic. On warmer evenings this time of year, the pink-walled block of Glen Drive between Venables and Union is usually packed with people licking their way through the hundreds of flavours on offer and shooting bunched up selfies with colourful cones held high. I like this photo of Michelle’s because (to me) it captures the kind of carefree sensibility that has almost disappeared from our society in just a few short but stressful and scary weeks. These two girls were living in a completely different world three Springs ago, and I bet they’re missing it right about now. I guess we probably all are. I scream, you scream, we all scream for the return of careless ice cream.

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