Gastown’s Milano Coffee Lands First Sanremo ‘Opera’ Espresso Machine In Canada


The GOODS from Milano Coffee

Vancouver, BC | Vancouver’s world-renowned Milano Coffee is proud to own Canada’s first Sanremo Opera Espresso Machine. The Opera is in use at Milano Gastown and turns out an average of 200 perfectly brewed espresso beverages a day.

“Being the first in Canada to have this revolutionary machine is fitting for us,” said Brian Turko, Milano Coffee co-owner and Master Roaster. “In everything we do, we aim to authenticate, never imitate. The Opera offers first-of-its-kind technology and ergonomics and enables us to offer the best espresso experience to our guests and baristas alike.”

The Opera was designed with the professional barista in mind to ensure ergonomic function and daily maintenance is user friendly. The Opera’s shell houses five individual insulated boilers, and six fully customizable presets activated via a set of three buttons. Setting adjustability includes the revolution of the gear pump, control over volume, and the option of two different flow rates. A load cell is built directly into its drip tray, displaying of the weight of the beverage made from one of Opera’s groups. Everything is displayed on an LCD screen built directly into the group head. All the barista needs to know is presented directly at eye level.

At Milano Gastown up to six different espresso blends are pulled daily in the Opera. These are the espressos that have garnered Canada’s Milano Coffee world-wide recognition from the birthplace of espresso. Italy’s International Institute of Coffee Tasters has awarded Milano Coffee six gold medals for best espresso within three years.

It’s Turko’s high bean count espresso blends that set Milano apart. Talent like Turko’s is a rarity. It can take up to 1,500 different combinations and 20,000 tastes, over three years to masterfully balance and harmonize up to 14 amazing single varietals to create a perfectly balanced espresso.



Milano Café & Roasting Facility | 156 West 8th Avenue
Telephone: 604-879-4468 | Hours: M–F: 7am – 6pm | Sat: 9am – 6pm | Sun: 9am – 5pm

Milano Espresso Lounge Gastown | 36 Powell Street
Telephone: 604-558-0999 | Hours: M–F: 7am – 9pm | Sat – Sun: 8am – 9pm

Milano Espresso Bar & Gelato | 849 Denman Street
Telephone: 604-681-1500 | Hours: M – Sun: 6:30 – 8pm

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Master Roaster/Blender: Brian Turko
Owner/President: Linda Turko
General Manager, Gastown: Alexis Oak
General Manager, Denman St.: Greg Barnaby


The Milano taste was developed from a century of artisanship in the Italian coffee tradition. This distinguished taste comes from the skill of the torrefazzioni – a secret method roasting and blending, closely guarded, personally taught, and handed down generation to generation.

With west coast roots and Italian soul, Brian and Linda Turko, the founders of Milano Coffee, have been making days a little better by sharing their passion for artisan coffee and espresso in Vancouver for over three decades. A master roaster, trained in the Torrefazzioni method, Brian’s La Futura espresso won international recognition with a gold medal at Italy’s fourth annual International Coffee Tasting Competition in 2013.

Brian and Linda, also innovated when they introduced Vancouver’s first espresso tasting bar at their West 8thcafé in 2008. At Milano’s stylish espresso lounge in Gastown (which opened in 2011), guests may sample eight different espresso blends – on tap, everyday. The finest espresso machines in the world help make it happen: The M39 La Cimbali Thermo Drive and Victoria Arduino’s ‘Adonis’. This technology combined with Milano’s barista talent, and distinctive espresso taste creates an espresso experience 100 years in the making.

With three espresso lounges in Vancouver, guests can discover the artistry of Milano’s world-class espresso right at home.

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