On Cutting The “British” From BC & The Cops Versus A Piece Of Wood


by Sean Orr | Let this stand as the defining image of The Encounter on the Mountain: Police pushing their line forward, clashing with protesters. That cop, though! And the stache! I know it’s Movember, but way to look like the most stereotypical “pig” ever. What a joker.

Oh, but wait…they are, like, totally sensitive and caring: RCMP help keep sacred fire burning on Burnaby Mountain. “The RCMP have done all sorts of good stuff,” Preissl said. “It’s been a real … lesson for everybody…” That’s one way to look at it, or…

“Cops love co-opting Native culture and spirituality as part of their repression of Indigenous resistance, and they often find willing and naive accomplices from within Native communities to do this.” – Warrior Publications.

And for those who still somehow believe and repeat the mantra that the pipeline is about jobs vs. the environment or for our economic benefit: Trans Mountain Pipeline: Big Bucks for US Investors, Peanuts for Us. That’s just rude, man. Many of us are allergic to peanuts.

Meanwhile, in Oilberta: Jim Prentice says Alberta ‘forgot some simple truths’ on energy industry. “Prentice said his goal is to see pipelines built in every possible direction…” Like up his own ass and around the corner, too?

But getting back to cops and how awesomely awesome they are: Distraught Man Killed At Knight, East 41st Avenue. “The 51-year-old man had been shouting and waving a two-by-four piece of lumber”. Yup, our cops are afraid of wood. Here’s a video from 2011 of UK police dealing with a man wielding a machete.

Ante everything: Future is unclear for casino-resort development near BC Place. Not because of gambling addiction, opposition by local residents, concerns about crime, or it’s hideous design…nope; conflict of interest. I love BC!

I mean…I specifically love our non-colonial, historically neutral province on unceded Coast Salish Territory: What’s in a name? Time to move beyond “British”?

The perfect metaphor: Gastown Steam Clock’s cardboard replacement becomes photo star. Tourists flock to cardboard replacement of Vancouver.

See also Facadism.

Only two of 53 grocery stores in Vancouver will be able to sell liquor. Typical. This was the reaction when I told people on the Skytrain.

Bonus: It’s going down in Richmond.

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