Inside “Greenhorn Espresso Bar” – Set To Open In The West End On January 3


In the 1860’s, three Englishmen –  William Hailstone, John Morton, Sam Brighouse – purchased the 550 acres of the West End of Vancouver for a buck an acre (everything west of Burrard St. except the Government Reserve that became Stanley Park). Using the native clay of the area, their plan was to become brickmakers. They were mocked for their endeavours and derisively called “greenhorns” by the media of the day, as their enterprise was seen as entirely foolhardy – the work of 19th century noobs (they ended up doing pretty well for themselves in the long run and there’s a a lovely sundial memorial to them on English Bay beach).


Close to the epicentre of what was once their bit of good earth is 994 Nicola St., a long vacant spot that will soon welcome the Greenhorn Espresso Bar. Owned by first timers Walter Le Deca and Ganga Jolicoeur, it is set to open on January 3rd. I took a look inside the other day, guided by local photographer Dylan Doubt, who is helping Le Deca and Jolicoeur with sourcing, set up, and other things besides.

To call it just an espresso bar (serving Moja beans) is selling it rather short, though, as Greenhorn will also feature an upstairs gallery showcasing poster art and vintage bikes, a retail shop (coffee, chocolates, flowers) and a bakery/cafe component overseen by ex-Chambar kitchen fixture Becks Foster, from whom we can expect Spanish tortillas, quiches, sandwiches soups, salads, baguettes, croissants, waffles, and more.

If I had to pin it, I’d say that the West End is about to score something similar to Le Marche St. George, and that’s cause for residents to rejoice. This is a terribly under-served bit of the city, so it would be rather silly if they didn’t do well. If it’s half as good as I expect it to be (and the rent isn’t cruel), it could be a real institution, cut from the Finch’s cloth.

They have a “friends and family” dry run on the immediate horizon, with opening day slated for January 3rd. The hours will be 7am to 7pm, with a decidedly casual and brunch-ish vibe peaking throughout.

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There are 13 comments

  1. Vancouverites just don’t get that communal seating works at soup bars and Irish pubs/suppers, but NOT for cafes. Cafes are meant to be intimate and breathable.

  2. Exactly what the community needs… Looks awesome and I absolutely hope it is!!!

  3. hallelujah! Something good in the west end for a change! Welcome!

    I can’t wait to meet some of my neighbours there. Down with starbucks! Up with Greenhorn!

  4. Seems like a strange location since there isn’t the foot traffic of David, Denman or Robson nearby to it. Should be interesting how that works out. I do go by there occasionally for my dry cleaning so I’ll pop by and check it out regardless.

  5. Agreed, Bob. It’s a weird spot, but a priceless one if it proves both a destination spot and a neighbourhood hub (like Le Marche St. George). The West End sure could use one, or at least one more.

  6. Great idea, surprised it has taken so long to bring something like this to the West End. Big opportunity for something like this on Davie IMHO!

  7. Looks great. One recommendation – perhaps stay open later a few nights a week. That would be nice.

  8. Nice.

    I always wondered what could go into that spot – I go by there quite often on my sales calls so it will be great to have a nice place to stop in for a good coffee and a bite.

    Happy holidays Greenhorn and best wishes for 2014.

  9. So excited for this as well. I also think it would be nice if they stayed open a little later on weekdays for people who only get home from work around 6pm or so and would like a neighborhood cafe to visit in the evening to study or read at even..

  10. Welcome Greenhorn! We are so excited to have this amazing cafe in the West End!
    Great soft opening! See you in January!

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