AWESOME THING WE ATE #891: Monsters & Malted Milkshakes At “Moderne Burger”

by Andrew Morrison | The thought of an ice cold chocolate malted shake in a tall fountain glass doesn’t pop into my head nearly as often as it used to. My Mom and sometimes my Grandparents would buy them for my brother and I with burgers and fries at old school lunch counters. They were awarded for our patience after whole afternoons spent listless and yawning on shopping trips for lady bits at Eaton’s or The Bay. Malted shakes are therefore a halcyon thing. I order one – together with a monster steak burger with bacon and swiss next to a big plate extra crispy fries – whenever I visit Moderne Burger at 2507 West Broadway. It’s the shortest, tastiest route that I know of back to being 10 years old.


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  1. “would buy them for my brother and I…”
    yikes, aren’t you pretending to be a journalist??

  2. Oh, dear. An English major who forgets to use capitals, even on his own name! Poor Mike.

    PS. burgers and malteds.

  3. This place is awful. I really don’t know what to think of any of your reviews and articles anymore. The burgers are sub par. They don’t blanch the the fries. They just punch them and cook them. I’ve never had worse. And the final kick in the balls is the price you have to pay for a shit meal and 50’s decor.

    I will say that the shakes, malts and old time sodas are good. Just don’t eat here.

    haha, I just remembered that when I went to pay the bill the guy behind the counter (I think he’s the owner. He’s always there. I live near by) noticed I was wearing a Ramones t-shirt. So he tried to talk me up like a used car salesman saying how they always ate there whenever they passed through town. And how they still do!? I didn’t want to burst his bubble and inform him that the majority of the band has been dead since before his establishment was opened.

    I love burgers. And I’ve been up and down this city trying them all. When I moved into the neighbourhood I was so exited to try this place; I read reviews, looked at pictures online. But fuck was I ever disappointed and let down. (same goes for you stackhouse).
    Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

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