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Timbertrain Coffee Roasters



Timbertrain_plate_NEW311 West Cordova Street | Vancouver BC | V6B 1E5
Telephone: 604.915.9188 | Email: [email protected]
Web: www.timbertrain.ca | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


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Owner operators: Peter K | Jeff S | Min S

About Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Let us tell you a story about Timbertrain Coffee Roasters when it was just a dream. It began with three guys living our separate lives in Vancouver. We worked hard in our chosen fields like many others, but were on career paths that didn’t quite resonate with us. If only we felt as keenly for our work as we did for quality specialty coffee. We spent most of our down time tasting, coffee house hopping, researching, and planning vacations at coffee farms. A little excessive for just a hobby, perhaps. Compelled by our passion and interest, we began to talk about what it would be like to live out our dream of making and sharing quality coffee.  Well, those conversations didn’t stop, and we quit our day jobs.

So, we quit our jobs. We started brainstorming our idea in the summer of 2012 and all of our conversations and dreams turned into a plan.  A terrifying risk-taking plan that began with some shakily signed resignation letters. But the more we researched, the more passionate we felt about our dream. We wanted nothing at that point than to build our own coffee roasting company, where we could control the details, quality, and experience of coffee tasting and share it with customers and friends.

Here are the reasons how we are different from the rest:

We take the artisan approach in the roasting process. No fancy tools or hardware; we labour and ache over our technique.

We have the luxury of being a micro roastery, which means we can pay attention to each step of the process and can adapt quickly to changing our process when we need to. Is this a good thing? Yes, because we will never let you taste coffee that we are not ecstatic about.

We value feedback. We are always learning, and we’d have it no other way. Conversations with you, our customer, is our first source of information.

And just in case we haven’t taken it far enough – we will be seeing the farmers next. We are planning a tour of our supplier’s coffee farms so we can extend our research into the environment our coffee beans have thrived in. We want to work with the farmers to better understand their approach and see where they can incorporate the farmers’ technique into Timbertrain’s approaches to roasting. We want to share this experience with you, and we hope to, when you come to visit Timbertrain Coffee Roasters.

Much love,

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters Team