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Pleasant Pairings is Returning to Main Street on Dec. 1st

Get ready for Pleasant Pairings, an evening of shop-hopping, connecting and complimentary wine (and cider) tastings, with the motto “small shops, great wine, what a pleasant time”.

Pleasant Pairings is Returning to Main Street on Dec. 1st

On December 1st, put aside some time to wander Main Street for Pleasant Pairings, an evening of shop-hopping, connecting, and complimentary wine (and cider) tastings, with the motto “small shops, great wine, what a pleasant time”.

Brought to us by pals Kurtis Kolt (Top Drop) and Amy Renee York (Nouvelle Nouvelle), the concept of the second annual Pleasant Pairings is simple: bring together cool wine made by good people and cool shops run by good people for a one night only event uniting the community on one cool block (Main Street, between E 20th and E 21st).

From event organizers:

“In the spirit of enjoying community and supporting local, which is what Pleasant Pairings is all about, something delicious to sip always adds to the revelry and cheer of evening, holiday shop events. We thought to pair up local, like-minded entrepreneurs and creative folks from some of our favourite B.C. wineries, who share the same independent spirit as these Main Street shops. Along with finding perfect gifts for friends and family (or themselves, of course), we hope that everyone coming out to Pleasant Pairings might find their next favourite wine while they’re at it!”

As you can tell from the photos (above and below), Kurtis and Amy are relaxed, happy people. We expect any event organized by this team will be a good time.

Pleasant Pairings will be on Main Street (between E 20th and E 21st) on Thursday, December 1st from 5-8pm.

Here are this year’s shop and bottle pairings:

Nouvelle Nouvelle + Ursa Major

Sunja Link + Pamplemousse Jus

Woo To See You + Daydreamer Wines

Eugene Choo + Creek & Gully Cider

Good Boy Collective + Rigour & Whimsy

Vancouver Special + Birch Block Vineyard,

Artemisia Clothing + Averill Creek Vineyard,

Collage Collage + Thorn & Burrow


Nouvelle Nouvelle 3634 Main St. MAP
Eugene Choo 3683 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N7 MAP
Woo to See You (Mount Pleasant) 3671 Main St. MAP
Good Boy Collective 3633 Main St. MAP
Vancouver Special 3612 Main St. MAP
Sunja Link Body Shoppe & Spa 3638 Main St. MAP
Collage Collage 3697 Main St. MAP
Artemisia Clothing 3628 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N5 MAP

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