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It’s Time to Apply for the Chefs’ Table Society’s New Restaurant Culture Shift Program!

Heads up local independent restaurant operators who are struggling: the Chefs’ Table Society of BC is funded-up and ready to launch their new ‘Restaurant Culture Shift Program’, aimed at enacting new and creative ways of bolstering small-scale BC restaurants – and they’re currently looking for their first wave of participants.

In the face of ongoing and increasingly tough times in the F&B industry – namely, labour shortages and recruitment challenges – the Chefs’ Table Society wants to take action by stepping in and offer their hands-on support. This new, heavily researched and developed program is specifically designed to help small-scale restaurants (those with no more than two locations and/or 99 staff members) to step up their game in some key departments… The Chefs’ Table Society puts it best: “This dashboard will offer you tangible ideas that can help you engage with your team in new ways and provide you with tools that will help streamline your operations. We’ve engaged some great minds in the business to help develop the tools that target recruiting, retention, staff development, equity, diversity and inclusion AND systems changes.”

The program is set to roll out over the next 18 months and include a total of 95 businesses whom the Society will invest in by working with directly. For the initial roll-out, though, they’ll be selecting just 10 businesses to receive several hours of support over the course of a TBD month-long period. (These first-wavers will also have the advantage of being kept in the loop about Restaurant Culture Shift Program developments, including new ideas that may spring up as it progresses over time and engages with more and more restaurants.)

Ready to throw your proverbial hat in the ring? Start by putting aside a quarter of an hour to fill in the application here. Still got unanswered questions? Email the Chefs Table Society’s executive director, Shawna Gardham, at [email protected] to get answers. Best of luck to all who apply! We’re stoked to see the results.

Four Super Tasty Spots to Catch a Canucks Game in East Van

It’s been over a decade since there’s been “can’t miss” hockey in Vancouver! As the playoffs approach, here’s a list of a few of my favourite spots with great food and full-volume sound to catch a game.

Merci Bakery is Now Open for Business

This popular Farmers Market staple is now ready to open doors at their new brick-and-mortar Commercial Drive location.

Get Into the Free Economy Spirit at The Burrow’s Brunch & Bazaar, Feb. 9th

This isn't your average brunch or shopping event: besides nourishing your body affordably and replenishing your closet (for free!), this is also the opportunity to find new homes for your old, gently used threads, have fun, and connect with other like-minded folks in the community.

Hit The Magnet for Their ‘Island Darlings’ Tap Takeover, Feb. 10th

A change of scenery is nice, but sometimes the turnaround is just too short to justify the ferry trip. This weekend, we recommend forgoing the hassle of logistics in favour of a one-stop Vancouver Island brewery tour at The Magnet.