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From Pozole to Quesa Fundido: Nine Vancouver Places to Score Legit Latin Food

Here is a grocery-list-style rundown of places where you can order niche dishes, buy top-notch ingredients, and enjoy legit Mexican food, made locally.

Four Super Tasty Spots to Catch a Canucks Game in East Van

It’s been over a decade since there’s been “can’t miss” hockey in Vancouver! As the playoffs approach, here’s a list of a few of my favourite spots with great food and full-volume sound to catch a game.

Cure the ‘Raincouver’ Blues with These Six Comforting Treats

A short list of some of my favourite comforting delights to get you through the rest of these miserable April showers.

On Redefining Success: A Post-Workout “Chin Wag” with Chef Daniel McGee

A little over a year ago, Dan's doctor recommended he make some lifestyle changes and drop some weight. Being the guy that he is, he interpreted that as a challenge, and decided to apply his relentless work ethic into taking control of his health.

‘Salad Days’ List of Local Favourites

Rhys Amber compiles a list of his current favourite salads in town - one for "every" occasion!

Amanda MacMullin Talks Seeking New Challenges and Becoming a ‘Grizzled Old Bartender’

Rhys Amber recently sat down with The Diamond bartender to catch up, swap 'war stories' and discuss the minutiae of the crazy, hospitality life.

On Expensive Hobbies, Title-Chasing & Getting ‘Rinsed’ in the Kitchen, with Josh Stel

The veteran Vancouver pan jockey and recently appointed Chef de Cuisine at The Mackenzie Room possesses a slew of attributes harder and harder to come by these days, so Rhys saw it fitting to reach out and see what makes him tick.

Remote Hospitality in the Golden Triangle of BC: A Cook’s Reflection

Rhys Amber recounts his standout experiences and people he encountered while working in the famed mining region.

Get To Know Maria Ponce, Executive Chef for La Taqueria

Packing up and moving across the continent for a job takes a lot of tenacity. But, in the case of Chef Maria Ponce, that sort of motivation has translated into some undeniably delicious food.

Talking Pâté, Imposter Syndrome and Restaurant Nostalgia, with Chef Colin Johnson of St. Lawrence

Over fish n' chips and a couple of pints, Rhys Amber catches up with St. Lawrence's Chef de Cuisine - someone who's as real as they come and not afraid to discuss the difficult parts of our industry, along with all the aspects that we love so much.

The Michelin Guide to Vancouver: From A Cook’s Perspective

In the wake of the announcement that the Michelin Guide would be coming to Vancouver, Rhys Amber offers his two cents on the controversial subject and adds a much-needed "cook's perspective" to the conversation.

‘The Come Up’ with Oliver Hill

In an effort to shine some light into the inner workings of the Vancouver restaurant scene, “The Come Up” aims to detail the big talent of tomorrow, today. In this edition we venture into the BOH at KinKao Song to introduce you to Oliver Hill...

Who is Neil Hillbrandt?

Over a bowl of Phở, Chef Hillbrandt talks to Rhys Amber about life on the line and how he's managed to build such a strong food program out of what feels like a kitchenette.

Rhys Amber Sits Down With Chef Stieffenhofer-Brandson of Published

Rhys Amber sits down (on a milk crate) with Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson of Published on Main.

The New School: Talking Burnout, Balance, Sourcing and Spoons, With Chef Devon Latte

Rhys sat down with “Dev” a few weeks ago to talk about his dedication and embrace for change in both the profession and on the plate.