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The Michelin Guide to Vancouver: From A Cook’s Perspective

In the wake of the announcement that the Michelin Guide would be coming to Vancouver, Rhys Amber offers his two cents on the controversial subject and adds a much-needed "cook's perspective" to the conversation.

10 Things Your Server Needs You to Know About Dining in Restaurants Again

We know everyone is keen to dine inside again, but this is by no means a return to normal. Let these golden rules guide you...

Vancouver’s First ‘Food Hall’ a Lost Opportunity?

JRG might surprise us with something amazing here, but it's fair to wonder if it won't be genuinely embarrassing for all involved.

OP-ED // The Modern Chef’s Role As Compassionate Mentor

Local chef Bardia Ilbeiggi opines on kitchen culture's evolution from scream factory to something so much healthier.

OP-ED // On Raising Prices, Moving Away From Tipping and Paying Staff More

Victoria restaurateur/baker Clif Leir shares some thoughts on operational changes coming to his Fol Epi and Agrius eateries.

Why Not Try and Fix the Broken Restaurant Industry Before Reopening it?

The fixes need to come from diners, not restaurants. They need to figure this out, if only because it's clear we never will.