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Cure the ‘Raincouver’ Blues with These Six Comforting Treats

A short list of some of my favourite comforting delights to get you through the rest of these miserable April showers.

Cure the ‘Raincouver’ Blues with These Six Comforting Treats

Irish Heather | Photo Scout Magazine

It’s rainy and windy, and just generally gross outside – but fear not! Here are six of my favourite comforting delights to get you through the rest of these miserable April showers (and the inevitable rainy days ahead). Hang in there friends…

“Dirty and delicious”

Irish Heather Shebeen: A pint and a pile of curry chips

There’s always a cozy nook to sit down in here. Take the weight off the floor and dig into a basket of fries topped with a bastardized by-product of British colonialism, perfectly paired with a creamy pint of Guinness…and maybe even a splash of whisk(e)y for dessert.

Irish Heather Shebeen 248 East Georgia St. MAP

“A lazy afternoon inside”


Serving up Soup at Bun Cha Ca Hoang | photo via Less Noise Studio

Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen: The Number 23 (Bún Riêu Special – Crab Soup with Vermicelli)

That special crab soup with prawns, tofu, ham and pork leg will sort you right out if you’ve got the ‘Raincouver’ blues. It’s a fat-slicked and cloudy broth chockfull of herbs and green onion that only increases in intensity as you work your way to the bottom.

Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen 5083 Victoria Dr. MAP

“Proper pizza and killer vibes”


Photo Via AJ’s

AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint: The bar pie

A sleeper item on a menu that’s taken the Vancouver pizza game to a whole new level. That wafer thin, crispy little pizza paired with a frosty beer and a play-off hockey game is going to make you forget all about the soggy conditions outside.

AJ's Brooklyn Pizza Joint 325 E Broadway MAP

“A sweet reward”

Photo via Honey’s

Honey Doughnuts & Goodies: THE honey doughnut

Purists might argue it’s not a real doughnut, but I don’t care. It’s all that is good in the universe, and my personal favourite iteration (with a hot-off-the-line Krispy Kreme being a close runner-up). Bonus points if you don your fanciest Arcteryx jacket and brave the treacherous four-kilometre journey to Quarry Rock and back – all whilst weaving through lost tourists and influencers (selfie included).

Honey Doughnuts & Goodies 4373 Gallant Ave. MAP

“Choose your own adventure”

Crystal Mall Sunday Spread | Photo Scout Magazine

Crystal Mall Food Court: As much as your stomach can handle

Take a mitt-full of cash and head to probably the greatest local food court you’ll ever encounter. I’ve been exploring this sprawling portal into Asia for years and still feel I’ve yet to uncover its mysteries. All I know for certain is that I show up hungry and always leave happy (and also sticky).

Crystal Mall Food Court 4500 Kingsway MAP

“Fill your boots”

Say Hey Sprinkle Cake | Photo Scout Magazine

Say Hey Cafe & Deli: It’s all good!

What’s not to love about this little hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop? Say Hey really takes their time to step up the humble hoagie into something special. Coupled with a piece of rainbow-sprinkle-adorned cake, it’s guaranteed to sort you out when that lack of vitamin D kicks in.

Say Hey Cafe & Deli 156 E Pender St. MAP

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