Beaucoup Bakery Launches 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Collection

The Goods from Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

Vancouver, BC | Beaucoup Bakery (2150 Fir Street) is celebrating the early arrival of the harvest moon this year with the launch of its Mid-Autumn Festival Collection. Available now for pre-order, the collection features three new buttery sablé crusted mooncakes and a limited-time Mango Crêpe Croissant. In addition, guests will see and taste the return of its Original Peking Duck Croissant, only available at the second annual Light Up Chinatown!

“Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to celebrate with loved ones over a feast and delicious treats,” says Betty Hung, who co-owns Beaucoup Bakery with her brother Jacky Hung. “Mooncakes are some of my most favourite things, and our sablé crust is a different take on the traditional mooncake. This year, we’ve incorporated Jacky and my go-to flavours when it comes to Asian desserts – taro, pandan, and sesame. We hope our guests will enjoy!”

Beaucoup’s 2022 Mooncake Collection is $23 for three mooncakes in a box. Guests can now pre-order online for pick-up from September 1 to 11, 2022. The flavours include:

Taro – housemade taro filling with a soft peanut centre
Coco Pandan – coconut rice pudding and pandan marzipan
Crème Sago – vanilla sago custard, and a soft sesame centre.

The Mango Crêpe Croissant ($8.25) features Beaucoup’s classic butter croissant with vanilla crème diplomate, fresh mango, and is covered in a thin, soft crêpe, inspired by a dim sum classic. It is available for pre-orders online and walk-ins from September 2 to 4, 2022 and September 9 to 11, 2022.

From September 10 to 11, 2022, Beaucoup Bakery is bringing back its popular collaboration with Chinatown BBQ – the Original Peking Duck Croissant ($8.88). Available only at Light Up Chinatown! this year, the croissant includes shredded Chinatown BBQ roasted duck, hoisin sauce, scallions, five spice powder, and Beaucoup’s classic butter croissant.

“We have a lot to be thankful for this year, and can’t wait for our guests to try out new and classic Mid-Autumn treats,” adds Betty.

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