Averill Creek to Host PiDGiN Restaurant for Their New Dinner Series, August 23rd

Averill Creek Vineyard is kicking off their new Dinner Series on Tuesday, August 23rd with a multi-course meal prepared by Chef Wesley Young, of Gastown’s PiDGiN restaurant, and tickets are now available!

Eke the most out of the remaining weeks of summer by planning a food- and wine-centred trip to the Duncan area, featuring good people and lovingly prepared food and wine, served outside on the Averill Creek Terrace. The evening (from 6:45-9:30pm) includes a five-course food menu along with wine pairings (including some brand new and still in barrel ones), a cocktail and snack. Dinner guests will also get the rundown on the inspirations behind it all, straight from the mouths of Chef Wesley and Winemaker Brent Rowland.

The price for a seat at one of these tables isn’t small – tickets are $185 per person, before tax, for all the food and wine – but if you are looking to cap off your summer with a memorable meal enjoyed amid a spectacular setting, then this one definitely seems worth it! That being said, events like this typically sell out super quickly, so go with your gut feeling…

Secure your spot right now (last we checked, there are only 16 remaining), and then get to figuring out the travelling and accommodations. More details and tickets can be found here.

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