Introducing Jana Rayne MacDonald, Ian Tan Gallery’s June Artist of the Month

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Vancouver, BC | In this new monthly series, the Ian Tan Gallery highlights one exhibiting artist or artist they represent, by asking them to answer a short four-question interview designed to introduce them to Scout readers.

Meet Jana Rayne MacDonald, Ian Tan Gallery’s feature artist for the month of June. MacDonald’s new series of paintings, Nature’s Rules will be on exhibit in the Gallery from June 4-30.

Please introduce yourself. Who are you, where do you live, and what is your medium?

I’m Jana Rayne MacDonald, a long time Vancouverite, originally from Nova Scotia. My predominant medium is acrylic on canvas but I like to play around with pencil and gouache on paper when I explore new ideas and themes.

We know it’s hard to pick a favourite, but if you had to choose one piece from the works you have at Ian Tan Gallery to best represent your style and practice overall, which would it be and why?

Salmon For Lunch reflects my interest in painting realism with a twist, showing the world around us in a way that enables the viewer to question our place, consider a new understanding of our surroundings and open our imagination for new possibilities.

If you could display your art in any building, establishment, or other place in Vancouver (not a gallery), where would you choose?

I’d like to see my work in public spaces where people come to think, such as the Vancouver Public Library.

Art is a visual experience, but I’d like to challenge you to describe yours using the less obvious senses: sound, taste, smell and feeling.

This series is designed to elicit a silent contemplation and questioning of modern life as it transports you to the settings, wraps you in the gentler cacophony of outdoor sounds and scents, elicits the feel of fur and feathers, and opens a channel to honest feelings. I think the sensual experience/reaction that I most strive for is a questioning emotion.

View more of Jana Rayne MacDonald’s artwork online here.

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