You Need to Try This Pork Belly Rice Bowl With a Side of Gochugaru Citrus Spiced Chicharrones

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Picture a miserable, wet, January-in-Vancouver night some nine months into a pandemic. You’re hungry but tired of the same-same food delivery menus that have helped sustain you through so many similar nights. Suddenly, you remember From:To, the new made-in-Vancouver ‘at cost’ delivery app, and a quick browse of it lands you on PiDGiN‘s loaded pork belly rice bowl lit with Asian pear kimchi and topped with a fried quail’s egg. Curiosity gets the better of you and you also click on the Gastown restaurant’s offering of beef chicharrones dusted with bright red gochugaru citrus spice. Both come hot and quick to your door, and you start chopsticking your way to a better place. The next thing you know you’re up to your sinuses in crunchy, salty, silky, spicy deliciousness, ready and willing to hang in there for another day, week, month — whatever. This is the power of good pork belly and chicharron. Harness it and you will find new strength to endure.

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