What Local Community Organisation or Charity Is in Your Heart Right Now?

A few weeks ago, Vancouver Foundation came together with Vancity, United Way, and the City of Vancouver to mobilize a Community Response Fund. The goal of the fund (which is currently sitting at $6.6 million) is to get community organisations and charities back on their feet and keep connections strong by:

– Providing immediate relief to organizations in British Columbia who have been hit the hardest by COVID-19 and help them maintain their services and programs.

– To support the long-term resiliency of BC charities in such a way that positions our community to recover and thrive.

Grants are awarded in two primary areas: Health and Social Services, and Arts, Culture, and Community Benefit.

Within three weeks of launching, the Community Response Fund granted to 79 charities across Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley (for total fund amount and most recent list of recipients, have a look here). That’s impressive! Even so, there are more organizations out there that could use the help, and that’s where you come in!

The Vancouver Foundation is encouraging Vancouverites to give a shout out to the local organization or charity that is in their hearts. It doesn’t have to be a charity that you are personally benefiting from, it might be an organization in your neighbourhood that you have seen doing good work over the years, or a grass roots initiative that you think has an important impact on the social fabric of the city. The idea here is simple: we’re stronger together. Supporting one another, even if it’s through a hashtag and a shout out, is acknowledging the importance of working to keep people connected and supported.

If you see an organization out there that you think should know about this program, or want to bring that organization to the attention of the Vancouver Foundation and the Community Response Fund, get out there and share using the hashtag #InOurHearts.

We’ll go first: The Vancouver Food and Beverage Relief Fund is #inourhearts. Other worthies in our hearts? Backpack Buddies and The Writers Exchange.

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